A list of “Some Content Marketing Tips”?

We promote content marketing strategy to all of our clients.  Having a blog post, and creating content on a consistent basis is a really easy way to establish your organization’s authority and expertise.  What are some content marketing tips to make sure your organization is using this marketing strategy to its fullest potential? We have a few recommendations, which will help your organization’s digital platform.


Create great content.  Write content that is important to your organization’s target audience.  Make sure that your organization has a content marketing strategy plan.  This goes a long way in establishing great content. Content is King.  Being that content is king, we have written about why content is king. Make sure that your organization is publishing quality content.

User Experience

Remember to make sure your user’s experience is impeccable.  The goal is to have visitors come back to your organization’s digital platform. Make sure your blog section is clearly defined, and keep it consistently in the same location.  Remember some visitors will bookmark your blogging section, and if they get a 404 error…then your organization probably has lost a potential client.


Organize your content creation.  If your organization’s digital platform is discussing several different topics or categories, then have specific weeks or days for those topics.  Make sure your visitors know when your organization will post on specific topics as well. Try to be very consistent and post about specific topics.

Email Capture

If your organization’s digital platform has an email capture, which should be mandatory, then make sure your organization’s digital platform is promoting content to your email list. Provide the content earlier to your organization’s email list. This is a very simple element, which provides some value to your organization’s target audience or email list.

Social Media

Manage your social media platform, and share your organization’s digital platform blog posts. Your organization should be taking full advantage of social sharing. This is a really easy marketing strategy.  Most social media platforms are free, and this is a really efficient way to gain more traction for your blog posts.


We blog a lot.  Someone once asked if we got up earlier every day to create a blog post.  We let them in on a secret.  We schedule our blog post, and this is really an efficient way to get out information that is important to our target audience.

Content Management Strategy

If your struggling to find topics to write about, then poll your target audience.  Your organization can utilize your email list, or your organization can ask for topics on your organization’s social media platform.  Another way to find content topics is by taking a look at keywords and analytics.  Review what is being requested on your search engines, this will provide your organization will some topics to write about. Remember most items that your organization finds on search engines deal with a pain point and solution.


If your organization needs some marketing strategy assistance, then feel free to reach out to us at info@jdswebdesign.biz or 678-718-5489. Image courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez.



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