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JDS WebDesign Digital Agency

We are a WordPress Design Agency using Brand Marketing Tools (Know,Like, and Trust – KLT) to get your target audience to visit your on line presence.

We are JDS WebDesign, a creative digital agency that specializes in helping Start Ups develop a WordPress web site and unleash their brand with the Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) Marketing Strategy.

WordPress Websites

We use WordPress websites designs to help small business launch products, brands, and services.

Brand Development

Using the Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) Marketing Strategy, we are able to get your Target Audience to your site.

Our Latest Post

Quick Finance Tip | How to get to 50/30/20

How to get to 50/30/20 Last week a very popular financial strategy 50/30/20 was discussed.  While most would agree that 50/30/20 is a good financial strategy and most of us should use it.  How do you get to 50/30/20?  This is not something that...

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Staying Productive as a freelancer

How to stay productive as a freelancer? In many conversations with fellow web designers, we tend to discuss how to stay productive.  Sometimes we do not have a project to work on.  Nothing in our pipeline.  No meeting with prospective clients....

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Network Solutions

Network Solutions needs to understand our community Network Solutions needs to understand our community.  It is very rare for me to complain about a WordPress company, or a company who serves the WordPress Community.  This past week, I had two...

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