Maintenance Checks to work on today…

Your organization can make some maintenance checks, which would help your organization’s digital platform today.  We are not going to discuss how to create content or get better images.  We are going to make some basic maintenance checks for your organization’s digital platform, which are going to help with the foundation of your digital business.  This strategy can be completed today and should be done on a monthly basis.


Your organization’s digital platform should be backed up.  Most web hosting companies will back up your organization’s digital platform on a daily or weekly basis. We recommend that your organization back up your digital platform on a third party.  Dropbox and ManageWP are some good options. The reason why we would recommend an additional option is for a safety net concept, just in case your web hosting company is hacked.  Your organization will have another option to retrieve your digital platform.


Most of our projects are designed on the WordPress platform. We strongly recommend that all your core files, plugins, and themes are up-to-date.  Most vulnerabilities occur with outdated themes and plugins. We recommend that your site be updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your organization should be careful with updates, and make sure that your organization’s digital platform is backup.


We recommend deleting all unused themes and plugins. Remove duplicate plugins, which are doing the same thing as another plugin.  Chose with plugin is meets your organization’s needs, and keep it and delete the other one. The less plugins, the better.  Imagine if every plugin weighs ten (10) pounds if your organization’s digital platform can survive with only 5 plugins.  Then it is going to be lighter than a digital platform with fifteen (15) plugins.

Blog Content

Back up your blog post. We would recommend your backups include your organization’s digital platform blog posts. For some backup programs, we know that ManageWP’s backups include your organization’s blog posts.


Delete all spam comments.  We recommend your organization’s digital platform use a spam protector.  We love Antispam Bee, but there are many to choose from and each has pros and cons.  Some maintenance plans offer comment assistance, such as ManageWP.  We have seen websites with thousands of comments, and these do slow down your organization’s digital platform performance.

Broken Links

Your organization should check for broken links.  We recently had a blog post on the importance of checking broken links.  Broken links will affect your user experience, and search engine optimization profile, and could result in a loss of revenue.


These are some small ways to improve the maintenance of your organization’s digital platform. If your organization needs some help with Marketing, then we are available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489. Image courtesy of Christopher Gower.


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