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We all hate spam.  Clients will call and complaint about slow sites, and they have thousands of spam comments.  Typically we used Askismet. While Askismet did meet most of our client’s needs, fielding log in questions is not good for us.  In order to install Askismet, you will need to have a log in credentials.  Not wanting to have all our clients on the same platform, we gave them step by step directions…and we were meet with questions from our clients.

Deciding to look for another platform, Antispam Bee has become our favorite.  It is a free plugin, which offers a lot of features.  Features that include ” Trust Approved Commentators, Trust Commentators with a Gravatar, BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) is spam, Validate the IP Address of commentators, Look into the local spam data base, Use pubic anti-spam data base, Block comments from specific countries, allow comments only in certain languages, and many more features.”

The great thing about Antispam Bee, the plugin is in the WordPress Depository.  The default features will meet most of your needs.  However you have the ability to drill down.  One of our client was receiving about 150 daily spam request.  It was becoming an increasing time consuming task to delete all the spam.  We install Antispam Bee and the next day, the client received 5 spam.

Some of our favorite features are…

Allow Comments in certain language

Since our client was a motivational speaker, and his target audience was English speaking.  We eliminate all non-English comments.  The client was receiving about 100 plus comments from non-English.  This immediately eliminated a lot of spam.

Block comments from specific countries

The client was receiving many spam comments from Russia, Middle East and China.  We looked and block all the countries in which the spam was originating.  This eliminate a lot of spam.

Use the Public Anti-Spam and local spam data base

Having a community behind the plugin to input in a public and local spam data base, made this a no brainier for us.  The developer has put in some time to make sure the plugin does some basic features and save the owner of the website a lot of time.

Image Courtesy of Christin Hume

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