What are some ideas for your Non-Profit Blog?

We recommend all non-profit organizations have a blog post section on your organization’s digital platform.  We have previously offered tips on how to improve your organization’s blog post. Your organization’s blog post should be engaging to your target audience or visitors, we have offered a couple of tips on how to achieve that. With the exception of a social media marketing strategy, your organization’s digital platform’s blogging section is very important to the growth of your organization. Your organization does not have to blog daily, but your organization should blog at least twice a month. There are a few concepts to assist your organization in creating blog posts. Many non-profit organizations struggled with what to post about and we offer these few ideas…


Share information about your non-profit organization. Your organization’s blog section can be used to dispel negative notions or events or address a controversial position that your organization has taken. Your organization’s digital platform’s blog section should be transparent.  These are a few ways in which your organization can establish transparency and a level of expert authority.


Your organization’s digital platform’s About Us page should address your organization’s missions and goals. These are going to be general statements, in which sometimes your organization might want to address your organization’s philosophy about a certain issue or event. This is a great way to create an engaging conversation and assist in growing your audience.


Your organization’s digital platform’s blog section could highlight your non-profit organization’s involvement in your community.  This could also be used to grow your organization’s volunteer platform. As well as to grow the importance of your organization, and seek donations with regards to specific campaign and general funds donations.


We love taking our non-profit organization’s target audience on a long journey of a new service.  Explain the mission, and display the ups and downs.  What was not anticipated, and overcome.  How the service is assisting individuals, families, and communities. Add personal stories. Stretch out the journey over several months with the conclusion, of a donation campaign to extend the journey.


Establish your organization as an authority or expert in your non-profit field. Showcase your organization’s employees, volunteers, and shareholders. Some shareholders might want to stay anonymous, so do not become concerned. Make sure your organization’s digital platform is reaching out to future employees, volunteers, and shareholders.  Growth is a challenge, and allow your organization’s digital platform to ease that growth.

Survey and Reviews

Your organization’s digital platform’s blog section should include surveys and reviews. Find out what is important to your target audience. These are ideal for social media platforms, but they work just as well in blog posts.


We can not express the importance of creating a blogging strategy and hiring someone to create content for your organization.  Content is king, and needs to showcase your organization. If your non-profit organization needs some assistance with marketing, then we are available and can be reached at info@jdswebdesign.biz or 678-718-5489. The image is courtesy of Corinne Kutz.


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