How to “Engaging Visitors” with your blog posts?

We recommend every digital platform should have a blog section. This is a very time-consuming section for your organization, as your organization will need to post on a regular basis. We are always helping clients learn how to blog, and why it is important to blog on a regular basis. So how can your organization’s digital platform make its blog posts more engaging?  Some common techniques include the blog post’s title, structure of content, conclusion statement, linking related posts, opening comment section, and social media sharing.


Your organization’s digital platform blog post title should be engaging.  How can your organization make it engaging? Your organization’s digital platform blog post should begin with a question.  Typically your organization’s target audience is looking for an answer, and your blog post is creating a question-and-answer scenario. Be mindful of your blog post titles, they come to be the reason for reading or not reading your organization’s blog post.


Content is King. Structure your organization’s digital platform in a passive voice. Check your grammar. Make sure your content is easy to follow. Ask someone within your target audience, if your content makes sense. Stay away from industry words, as some visitors might not be familiar with these terms. And if your post must have an industry term, then make sure your organization has a layman’s definition of the industry term. This should be done, as soon as the term is introduced in the blog post.


Conclude the blog post with an outlet of how someone can learn more information or a way to contact your organization. Most blog posts will not answer every question, but at least provide a resource for your visitors in case some more information is needed.

Related Post

Link-related posts, which could be an easy way to gain even more traffic to your blog posts. Linking showcase your organization’s expertise and should not be overlooked.


Make your comments section open. Your organization does not have to approve all comments. Also, make sure your organization has a spam protector. Spammers love to place inappropriate comments or attempt to sell products on your organization’s digital platform. We would recommend Antispam Bee, which is a good plugin to eliminate spam comments.

Social Media

Social sharing is the best way to gain traction and make your organization’s digital platform blog posts more engaging. Your organization is sharing your blogs on an engaging application.  Most social media platforms are designed to be engaging.  So why would your organization not place its blog post in that type of forum?


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