What are some essential elements needed for your start-up website?

In the mist of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we at JDS WebDesign are hoping everyone is safe, washing your hands frequently, sneezing and coughing in your elbow, and practicing social distancing.  Over the next several weeks, we are planning on blogging about how to make your website more business friendly.  We will have some tutorials on our favorite plugins and features, which will make your site more efficient.

We are asked often about what are the essential elements for a successful start-up company’s website.  While the complete list is very long, some necessary elements are well thought out navigational system or menu (we call this process your architectural intellectual), responsive design (for mobile devices), call to actions (what your target audiences is looking for…), consistent branding, engaging content, content for your target audience, and search engine optimization plan.

So what are these elements…

Architectural Intellectual

Navigational or menu system.  Research is put into the Architectural Intellectual, we review the target audience patterns.  Home…About…Products or Services…Contact, are not always what your target audience wants.  Sometimes your contact information is more important (especially for a retail or restaurant)…other times products or services (especially if you are a plumber or electrician).  Make sure you are creating your site for your target audience.

Responsive Design

Mobile (cell phone), and Tablet (iPad or Android Notebook) design should be consistent with your computer design.  The design features should appeal to your target audience behaviors. Is your site Google friendly or AMP .  There are countless research that will point to more than 70% of visitors are researching your site on a mobile or tablet device.  Your on line presence could be your first impression…hopefully it will not be your last impression.

Call to Action

Why is your target audience coming to your site?  Making sure they can find answers to their pain points, but make sure you are secure some sales funnel information for your growth.  Call to action…finding out what they need, and how to make sure you stay on their mind for any other pain point.

*Make sure your call to action, has simple and directive language.  Why do you want them to provide you with their name and email?  What will they receive for providing that information.

Consistent Branding

Nothing is worst, than getting lost in your site.  Your target audience is not going to like the fact, that you have two logos.  Your site has an incredible number of re-directs.  Stock images…poor logo (not high definition)…is very similar to handing a potential client a cheap business card, as you talk about creating their vision for 5 or 6 figures.

Your branding and marketing have to be consistent!  Consistently Awesome…

Engaging Content

Content!  Content! Content!  Content is very important.  However engaging content is more important.  Your target audience should feel compel to comment on your blog post, fill out your contact page, and submit form request with specific questions.  Your social media (if you have one) should be engaging and entertaining with regards to what is important to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization Plan

Organize traffic is your friend.  Having a search engine plugin, like Yoast is very important. You can check out our post about the Yoast SEO Plugin . Search Engine Optimization Plan is crucial to your success.  Wanting your target audience to find your website on Google, Bing, or any of the search engines is so important.

Well Established Target Audience

A common feature or term, of this blog post, is target audience.  Your website will not accomplish your goals or expectation, if you do not understand or know who is your target audience.  Do you worry about any of these features?  Figure out who your target audience is …and what are their behavior patterns.  Create a website that leans on those behavior patterns and place the above features into your site.

Image courtesy of Ben Rosett.

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