Searching for clients can be a tough part in the life of a web designer, but it does not have to be.  I have found three great locations to find clients, two of these techniques are mentioned in “Getting your 2nd client?”.  And most of these concepts should occur on a regular basis, in terms of involvement.


As a web designer, you need to belong to a community.  Join a facbook group, local MeetUp, and (if you are a WordPress designer or developer) get involve with your local WordCamp.  For years, I did not understand this concept of going to meetings with my fellow competitors.  While some do attend to keep a close eye out for their competition, most attend for fellowship and friendship.

Many times while attending a MeetUp or Facebook group, I have found clients looking for solutions to a web design problem.  I was able to assist with the problem, and was offer the project.  My knowledge and attendance was the basis of the introduction, which lead to me securing the project.

Job Board

Some web designer, live on job boards.  Not a fan of Upwork or Jobs (because they appear to be cost driven and not design driven), many free lance web designer rely on these board for job leads and projects.  Codeable, who’s selection process is more challenging, is a better option.

Social Media Platforms, like facebook, twitter and linkedin will have projects posted daily. But before you rush to your facebook page, most to the projects are cost based and not designer based.  For example, when you receive the questions “So how much do you charge for your website?” and you do not know number of pages, and features.  You have not discuss scope of the project, and the prospective only wants your bottom line (cost).  This is going to be a touch sell, my recommendation is to put out a figure based on 5-7 page, no eCommerce, or bells and whistles site…for example for $1,000.00 you will received a site similar to .


Do not be afraid to ask for a referral.  If you have done a good job and the lines of communications are open, then clients do not mind telling others about your services.  New prospective love, when your clients serve as a witness for you.  Your clients can outline your reliability, process, cost, and overall happiness.

Hopefully these tips can help you secure your next design project.  And if you are in need of a web design or branding development project, then I am available and can be reached at 678-718-5489 or

Image courtesy of Mattheus Ferrero.

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