So how do you secure your 2nd Client?

An interesting and important question for most entrepreneurs.  Having been in business for the past ten (10) years, many neophytes (new business owners) have asked me this question.  My answer is always the same…holding no punches. Family and Friends. Your Client. Your Community.

Family and Friends

I like to call this my AT&T Plan (get it Family and Friends…LOL). When you establish that your hobby could become a side hustle or full time job, the first important step is to announce your brand to the world…what you are doing?  Who better than to let your grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, and any other family member broadcast it for you.

Now some of our family members, might not ever need our services.  But you never know if they have a connection, which could lead to work.  I remember when I started my agency back in 2007.  My former college roommate had just been hired at a transportation company.  One of his first task, was to solicit bids for his companies website.  He did not know that I had open my agency.  As fate would have it, I went to visit him for the Memorial (Golf Tournament in Columbus, Ohio…we call it Jack Nicholas’) Tournament.  While playing a round of golf, another guy in our group…asked me what I did for a living.  I own a digital agency, we create websites.  My former roommate, said “I just hired a guy to redesign our site…for $15,000”.  I wished you would have told me.  Lesson learned…could have used that $15,000 in 2007.

Well it did not take me long to learn how to network.  A few months later while at church, a visitors told us he was from Pittsburgh.  After services, I introduced myself…as I have lived in Pittsburgh prior to moving down south.  We found that we lived in the same neighborhood, just at different times.  I asked him…what did he do?  He ran a youth organization…well I own a digital agency.  He needed a website…long story, short…I got the job.

Your Clients

Another great resource is your client.  Some trade secrets, I will randomly send email blast to my clients, to see how they are doing and letting them know that I am available. Seeking referrals from existing clients, is always an easy way to secure a client.

Client referrals are the best.  It really showcases, just how hard you worked on the project.  How much your client loved your work and work ethnic.  I have one client (who is up North…and she knows who she is).  She has called me with potential clients and done everything except negotiate the price.  I really appreciate the relationship, which we have…clients are the best.

Your Community

You will need to get active.   Join your local chamber of commerce.  Join a meetup group, in your area of expertise.  Create a meetup group.  You might be in a room full of competitors, but do not feel intimidated.  Sometimes your competitors need to dump off small projects.  Some of your competitors are looking for some help.  Many of my early projects, were the results of developing relationships within the web design community.

If your are looking for a web design or brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at or 678-718-5489.

Image courtesy of Stefan Stefancik.

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