You are the expert, Right!

“So you are the expert! Is that right?”, comments that could not have been more true.  The past couple of weeks, we have lost a couple of projects.  Not due to our pricing structure, but our design process.  These kind of disappoints (and losing any project is a disappoints) makes you wonder about your design process.

Maybe we are not a good fit – Project A

A couple weeks ago, we received an email from a client.  She was referring a friend of her to us.  The project was in the creative industry, so it came as a surprise to us.  After a small conversation, we quickly realized that the owner of the site…sub contracted out all their projects.  They had assembled a list of creative minds, to complete all their projects.

However, they wanted to re-design their site.  We went through our design process.  Submitted a questionnaire to find out what the client liked and did not like.  Who was the client’s competitors?  Who are the client’s target audience?  What did the client want to accomplish with a new web site?  The client did not return the questionnaire, and when we reached out to them.  We was greeted with…, we know what template to use, we will place in our content, we only want you to install the template and send us a bill.

After advising the prospective client, that we create solutions…not install themes.  We was greeted with “well maybe we are not a good fit.”  We did review the website.  Hard to complain about a website, when you do not know what the goals and expectations of the project are?

We do not do proposal – Project B

About six months ago, we was asked to submit a proposal for a faith based organization project.  We do not submit proposals, found that spending hours working on a proposal…that can be sent to another web design agency, just feels like a waste of time and energy.  We decline to work on the project.

Well a couple of weeks ago, a client of our informed us that he was over the project.  He wanted us to submit a proposal for rubber stamping.  He needed the project up within a couple of weeks, as he would be doing some fundraising and wanted the web site to be the medium for donations.

Working with another person, who claimed the funds for the project was via a grant.  We submitted a proposal.  Established a domain.  Sent a contract.  A few days later, we had not heard anything.  We contacted our contact person.  He was upset that his colleague had not signed the contract.  He called her and left a message, and followed up with an email.

We received a call the next day.  She was going with another web design agency.  They gave her a quote about 20% lower than ours.  Our contact was upset.  His colleague had provided the winning bid agency a copy of our proposal and they copied our proposal and put in a lower bid.  What we had feared!!!

Your prices are too high – Project C

We received a call from a prospective client. It was a retail site.  The client was selling clothing. We advised the client about our design process.  Noticing the client was anxious to know our cost, and telling them it would be hard.  We would need to know amount of products, shipping process, inventory, and marketing.

They advised us if our cost was over $500, then it would be okay.  We offer to forward their project to some junior developers,but at their price point…not sure if a junior developer could assist them.  Maybe on a consultant role, but not as a designer or developer.  Obviously this was not what the client wanted to hear.

A few days later, the client sent us a square space web site.  It was nice.  Did not understand the call to action on the home page. Shipping and check out was very clumpy.  But I am just a solution solver and not a template provider.


if you want just a web site, then check out youtube or google it.  Spend about a couple of days and create your website for less than $500.00.  However, if you need a solution, then reach out to a web design agency.  We can assist you with gaining engagement, sales, exposure, and solve your on line problems.

Image coutesy of Kira Auf Der Heide.

JDS WebDesign is a Web Design and Brand Marketing Agency located in Marietta, Georgia.  We create AWESOME on line presence for Start-ups and Influential People/Organizations.  To learn more about us or how we can help you and your organization, you can contact us.

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