Why we formed a partnership with WP Suppetiae?

In the mist of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we at JDS WebDesign are hoping everyone is safe, washing your hands frequently, sneezing and coughing in your elbow, and practicing social distancing.  Over the next several weeks, we are planning on blogging about how to make your website more business friendly.  We will have some tutorials on our favorite plugins and features, which will make your site more efficient.

Previously we discuss why a maintenance plan was neccessary.  And while most comments or email questions, understood why it was necessary.  We recognized that there are many good maintenance companies, but our favorite is  WP Suppetiae.  Suppetiae is Latin for Support, or at least that is what the fine folks over at WP Suppetiae tell us.  What makes WP Suppetiae different from other maintenance companies?  The price and amount of services offered is our #1 reason why, we created a partnership.  As well as the unbelievable support and professionalism.

WP Suppetiae services come in three sections.  Hosting, which is blazing fast with many features.  Back end support.  They make sure your site is up and secure.  Lastly, client report about all the information needed to about your site. Which should make you feel like your site is good hands.


WP Suppetiae offer managed WordPress Hosting with Content Delivery Network (CDN).  You will need to have a WordPress site, they do not work with wix or webflow.  Content Delivery Network makes your site blazing fast.  A standard feature is Secured Socket Layer (SSL).  This is the little lock on your browser.  You immediately have a secured site.  Google loves secured sites.  While a SSL might not help your ranking, without one your rankings will be effected.  They run nightly back ups with free restores.  All back ups are on a cloud, so no need to fear that your server is corrupt as well as the back up.

Hacker free security. Daily checking for potential issues.  And if your site has some malware, then they work to clean up your site and restore it for free (no added cost).  Staging site, without having to create a domain.  Some hosting companies expect you to create your staging domain (yourwebsite.com/staging).  No need to worry about your staging environment.

Back End Support

WordPress Core updates. Plugins updates. Themes updates.  Security Updates (monitoring) and fixes.  Up time monitoring, let you know when your site is down.  Performance optimization.  Malware removal. Content updates.  Image updates. While these task might seem like standard (or easy just pull up a video on Youtube).  The reality is most hacked site, have issue months before the owner see the problem.  Having a partner like WP Suppetiae will recognize any potential issue.  Clean up the issue and restore your site.  And you will get an email that some malicious activity was found on your site, it has been removed and your site is up and running.  It is like have an insurance policy to make sure your site continues to work, so you can spend quality time on your business.

Content and image updates. Can you imagine having a virtual assistant?  Need to add an event on your calendar.  Send a request and it is done.  Need to add a new member to your team page.  Done.  Need to add some images to your gallery page. Done. You need to change your address.  Done.  The average task is completed within one business day.  You submit the task today, and by the next business day, you will received an email that the task is completed.

Client Report

Monthly client report.  The reports will include Up time monitoring, security checks, performance check, analytic report,  comments management, search engine optimization ranking, and link monitoring.  Up time monitoring will show you if your site was down and how long was it down.  It will provide a percent of up time.  Security checks will let you know if you have a vulnerable plugin or theme.  Performance check will see if your site has any malware.  Analytic report will tell you how many visitors came to your site.  It will also provide a list of pages, which they visited.  Comment management is the tool to delete spam comment response.  Search engine optimization ranking is a tool to showcase where your site is ranking compare to competitors. Finally link monitoring is a tool to check for any broken links.

This report comes monthly.  If you have any questions, then just send a task with your question.  Within one business day, you will receive a response.  Generally the response is a game plan to improve your website performance.


WP Suppetiae is like hiring an experience web developer.  How much would you guess the cost of this program is?  $250 a month,  $500 a month, more (either would be a good guess, especially the service is like having a full time web developer). Those guess are not even close.  The professional package, which includes everything mentioned in this blog post is $149.99 a month (each subscription is quarterly basis or $449.97).  What are you waiting for?

Image courtesy of Luke Peters.

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