Why do we prefer MailPoet over MailChimp?

This might appear to be a plugin or service of the week, but we were recently asked about our feelings about MailChimp.  We used MailChimp for all our clients in the mid-2010s. MailChimp at that time was used as an email capture and lead generator for our clients. Because this is a third-party solution, your organization has to log into MailChimp to access your email subscriber list.  This was always a concern for our agency.  Your organization works hard to create a list of email subscribers, and that list is owned by MailChimp, not your organization. If MailChimp changes the payment option (from free to premium…or up your premium cost) and your organization does not pay, then MailChimp can lock your organization out of your account.  This has always been a concern of our agency.

What are some options outside of MailChimp?

There are several other options, which offer the same and more features than MailChimp, like Constant Contact, Convert Kit, and Active Campaign.  We have run into some similar and new issues with all these options. Constant Contact is very similar to MailChimp.  They require your organization to create an account and all your data is stored on their platform.  Constant Contact has done a great job of advertising and is very popular.  Our biggest issue with Constant Contact is the integration with WordPress and other platforms. Convert Kit is one of our favorite lead generators, but it works well with agencies and not so well with our clients.  Convert Kit is very good at creating journeys and leads.  Convert Kit is not an easy solution to learn, and takes way too much time to teach this tool to our clients. Active Campaign is also, a Content Management Tool.  It does allow your organization to create an email subscriber list.  The main feature of Active Campaign is marketing automation and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tool. These are not typically what our clients are looking for, and just create more features than what is needed. So what is our recommendation?


MailPoet (this is not our affiliate link) is our favorite, for many reasons. We love that all your email subscribers are listed in your user’s sections. Your organization has complete control over your email list subscribers. This plugin was designed for WordPress.  There is a free and premium package. The free option typically works well with most of our clients, but the premium option is around $10.00 a month (which should not be a budget buster). MailPoet offers SMTP email services and allows the emails to come directly from my clients.   Your organization can send emails once an article has been published. 50+ free email design templates. MailPoet integrates with WooCommerce. It is a GDPR Complaint.  According to Wikipedia, “GDPR is The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, abbreviated GDPR) is a European Union regulation on Information privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). The GDPR is an important component of EU privacy law and human rights law, in particular Article 8(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. It also governs the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA. The GDPR’s goals are to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their personal information and to simplify the regulations for international business. It supersedes the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and, among other things, simplifies the terminology. The European Parliament and Council of the European Union adopted the GDPR on 14 April 2016, it is directly binding and applicable, and it provides flexibility for individual member states to modify some provisions of the GDPR.” And finally, MailPoet offers dynamic content within emails.


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