What does help mean?

So what does help mean?  The definition has changed since I was in grade school.  I remember you would ask a questions, and someone would help you find the answer.  Help does not mean someone will complete your task.  Help does not mean that you can live off someone else knowledge base.  Help is not a short cut toward completing a task.

Help doe not mean…do!!!

I was at my local Meetup.  It was a help session,or as we call it happiness bar.  Many newbies had questions.  Most of the questions were simple ones.  One of my favorite developers was trying to explain to a newbie, how to located information on Google.  The newbie wanted someone to fix her site.  She did not want help, she wanted someone to resolve her issue.  The developer decided that he could not help her.  Wanting to see what the problem was, the newbie wanted to replace “howdy” in the admin bar.  It was a simple snippet.  The developer provided the snippet.  The developer was not going to cut and paste the snippet into the newbie’s site.  Once we discuss the solution had been provided, then newbie remarked “it is still present, so this was such a waste of my time.”

After our Meetup, a few of us went out for dinner (the developer was one).  During our dinner conversation, I asked the developer about the newbie.  I was greeted with “What is Help?”.  What is Help?  Help has changed.  Help is providing resources, which can hopefully solve an issue.  Help is not solving the issue.  Having an wonderful community, we provide help all the time.  We are members of several facebook groups, but even the questions are beginning to sound like jobs and not sticking points.

Help means directing

After listening to our conversation, I decided to stop fixing issues.  If you ask me for help, then I am going to point you to a resource.  Most web designer (and/or developer) will fix issue for compensation.  I have a support arm, and it is not fair to my paying clients (for me to keep fixing your issues during Meetup).  If you are not comfortable, then seek out a support company to fix your issues.

There are many communities.  Most are willing to assist, but to complete a task is really not fair to the expert.  The other day, our office received a call for information about e commerce website.  The site owner wanted us to provide keywords, our process for inventory, shipping and promotion.  After a few minutes, we suggested the site owner needs to fill out our questionnaire and pay for our marketing strategy.  Once we advised the cost of our marketing strategy, the site owner politely hung up.

Help is not a shortcut to doing

if you are new to the WordPress community, then there are many valuable resources.  Google and youtube can be helpfully.  Our preferred list includes WordPress.org (depending on the topic, you might need to read a few treads to find the solution) and, Stack Exchange (again most of the answers will take some research on your end).

Having design websites for close to fifteen year before moving to WordPress, I spent a lot of time with WP Beginner and Codein WP . My team will visit these sites on a regular basis for basic questions and to continue to sharpen our skills.  Web design is every changing, so when you are asking us to do instead of help.  Sometimes we are using our resource manual, google, youtube, WP Begginer, Codein WP, or your site of choice.

Because help is not me fixing your issues!!!

Image Courtesy of Crew.

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