What are some skills necessary to write engaging posts?

One of the easiest ways to grow traction in your organization’s digital platform is blogging.  We recommend this as a baseline for your organization’s marketing strategy.  One of the most difficult parts of blogging regularly is how to write something that is interesting or relevant to your target audience. Some of the elements that we recommend to our clients are as follows:


New original and attention-grabbing content is essential. Content is king. Creativity is essential. Your organization should write about relevant issues and topics to your organization’s target audience. While it is always enticing to write about the latest gossip, if that is not the space for your organization, then stay far away from those topics.


Your organization should understand your organization’s target audience’s needs, wants, and desires. Your organization’s blogging posts should discuss those areas.  Using empathy to showcase an emotional attachment to your organization’s target audience.


Clear and concise writing is a necessity.  Avoid confusing sentences. Write short and concise sentences. Your organization’s message should be easy to understand.


Remember that your organization’s blogging posts have a purpose. Your organization’s goal is to convince your target audience to take action. This action could be to join your organization’s email mailing list, make a purchase on your organization’s digital platform, and attend an upcoming event.  Whatever the action is your organization should be very persuasive.


Your organization should have a very versatile writing style.  Your organization’s goal is to meet your target audience’s needs. Write in a conversational style using empathy.  Write in a storytime style with clarity.  The ultimate message is to change up your writing style to connect with your organization’s target audience.


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