Ways to improve your website bounce rate?


In the mist of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we at JDS WebDesign are hoping everyone is safe, washing your hands frequently, sneezing and coughing in your elbow, and practicing social distancing.  Over the next several weeks, we are planning on blogging about how to make your website more business friendly.  We will have some tutorials on our favorite plugins and features, which will make your site more efficient.

Your website bounce rate is the measurement of time in which visitors stay on your site.  The higher your bounce rate the better.  Wanting visitors to stay on your site is very important.  While there are many ways to increase your bounce rate, we will discuss some of the basic techniques.  These will include page load speed, intellectual architecture (navigation), site search section, design of site, and readability.

Page Load Speed

Have you ever visited a site, and it took over 15 seconds to load.  You are greeted with a slider and moving sections.  Cute it is, but not functional at all.  Most visitors will not wait for your site to upload, especially if it is over 3 seconds.  While there are a few things to increase page load speed, such as web hosting companies that offer Content Deliver Network (CDN) and cache services.  CDN is small servers, which are position all around the world.  As your visitor pulls up your site, instead of having to go to your main server…it can be pulled from the CDN server.  Makes retrieving all your site content, a lot faster.  Cache is just the temporary storage of content and images on your web browser.

Intellectual Architecture

Easy to follow navigational system is such an easy, yet difficult item to have.  Typically your intellectual architecture should be explored during the discovery stages.  Figure out what your target audience is looking for, and create links which meets their needs.  If your target audience can find the information, which they are looking for, then you will have a higher bounce rate.  And you eliminate (this is a bad word in web design) … frustrated visitors.

Site Search

Hard for us to find a reason to not have a site search section (button, icon or link).  Visitors view your site, similar to going to a retail store.  As they enter the retail store (your website), they are greeted with a customer service or sales representative, who ask them if they need help.  Your site search section is asking…”Do you need help?”.  Make sure it can provide them with all the help, which they might need.

Design of Site

We try to stay away from sliders, advertisement, confusing layouts, and overused graphics.  The design of your website is very important.  It is a reflection of your brand.  Make sure your design is clear and concise.  No need to wonder about what type of website and who the target audience is… Use the KISS formula and keep it simple sir.


Having a wordsmith create your content, could be an easy solution to increasing your bounce rate.  Visitors get frustrated (a bad word), when they struggle to read your content.  Remember you are the expert and your content should reflect expert language.

Image courtesy of Mimi Thian.

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