Using AIDA Marketing Strategy to grow your organization

We are strong supporters of funnels or journeys, which your organization craft for new or existing leads (or customers).  Many organizations do not know how to grow an email list.  Why it is so important to have an email list of leads or prospects.  Our marketing strategy relies on growing your email or potential leads, and one of the ways in which your organization can grow its email list is AIDA Marketing Strategy.

Marketing strategy is a marathon and not a sprint.  If your organization is looking for a quick fix, then this is not the strategy for your organization. However, this strategy will provide your organization with a faithful list of leads and prospects.


What is AIDA?  AIDA is very similar to Know, Like, and Trust Marketing Strategy, which we are committed to employing with all of our clients. Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) works hand in hand with AIDA.  AIDA means a marketing strategy, which uses four stages or steps. Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.


The first step of AIDA is awareness.  This is the introduction of your organization to a new lead or prospect. Some examples of how your organization can make someone aware of your organization are maybe offering some low handing fruit or advice.  A free ebook, a quick solution to a universal problem. Remember everyone is not aware of simple solutions, make sure your organization is exposing some simple solution in exchange for your new lead or prospect email address.


The second step of AIDA is interest.  This is the step in which your organization takes advantage of an interest or solution for a new lead or prospect. Nurture your relationship and continue to feed solutions to your new lead and prospect.  Your organization can offer some simple sales, but stay away from any hard sales pitch during this stage of your relationship.


The third step of AIDA is desire. During this step, your organization is creating a desire for your lead or prospect to be a part of your organization.  Make sure during this step, that your organization is providing testimonials and case studies to your new lead or prospect. Your organization can continue to offer some simple sales but again stay away from any hard sales pitch.  Provide a forum or form for your new lead or prospect to express how your organization has solved a pain point. Allow your lead or prospect to feel a part of your organization’s community.


The fourth step of AIDA is action. During this step, your organization is completing the conversion. This should be a natural flow and in many cases, your organization might not ask for the sale.  If your lead or prospect has a need for a service or product that your organization provides, then the lead or prospect will ask for, or purchase your organization’s solution.


This is not a few days process, in some cases, it could take 6 – 9 months. But AIDA will create a committed community and leads that convert to clients, without any hard sales pitches.  Your organization will tap into potential leads and grow or develop a strong relationship. If your organization is looking for some assistance with Marketing, then we are available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489.  Image courtesy of Meghan Mosser.





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