How to Update your website?

We encourage updating your website on a weekly basis or hiring a service to update your website.  Most organizations do not update their websites, and wonder why they are a target for malware or hacking. Your organization should update your website on a weekly basis.  So how does your organization update its website? Your organization should do the following four important elements. Backup. List. Update. Scan. Repeat.


Most website hosts will back up your data on a daily basis.  We recommend that your organization hire another source to back up your website and data. The backup should be done on third-party software, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, and/or Dropbox. There are many good services and most are premium, which means your organization will be paying a monthly or annual fee. This is the only element, which should be done on a daily basis.


List the most important URL on your organization’s website. Do not just list the home, about, services, products, and contact page’s URL. List which blog posts are getting the most views. List which pages are getting the most views.  Make sure that your organization’s website has analytics on it, so your organization will know which pages, and posts are getting the most traffic.  This is important from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint. Your organization does not want to have to do some re-directs in case your organization’s website is hacked. Your organization’s website wants to continue to send traffic to the same URL, which is getting the most traffic.


Update your organization’s website theme, plugins, and core. If your organization is using a third-party plugin, for donation solutions or marketing, then make sure that the plugin is updated. Most malware and hacks come from vulnerable themes and plugins. Make sure that your themes and plugins are up-to-date. This should be done on a weekly basis.


Scan your organization’s website for malware and vulnerabilities. We would encourage your organization to invest in a security platform for your organization’s website. There are many options to review and consider, most do have a free version, but we would recommend the premium version. Your organization should review the data on a daily basis. Remember that just because your organization’s website appears to be okay, does not mean that it has not had some compromises.


Let the professionals keep your organization’s website safe and secure. We offer custom design websites, support and maintenance, marketing, accessibility, mobile application creations and so much more, feel free to contact us at or 678-718-5489.  Image courtesy of Luis Quintero.

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