What are “Some Trust Indicators” to use on your website?

We all seek something that we trust.  How does someone or something gain our trust in many different fashions or manners?  When it comes to your organization’s digital platform (website or mobile application), visitors use indicators to determine trust, or if your organization is an authority.  So what are some easy ways to build trust and grow your organization’s digital platform?

According to Wikipedia, “trust indicators are Trustis the willingness of one party (the trustor) to become vulnerable to another party (the trustee) on the presumption that the trustee will act in ways that benefit the trustor. In addition, the trustor does not have control over the actions of the trustee. Scholars distinguish between generalized trust (also known as social trust), which is the extension of trust to a relatively large circle of unfamiliar others, and particularized trust, which is contingent on a specific situation or a specific relationship.”

Some ways to develop trust with your target audience are the following:

Customer Reviews

Ask for customer reviews.  Ask for customer reviews. Ask for customer reviews. Many visitors to your organization’s digital platform might not go to your customer reviews section, but this could be the section to push someone from a lead to a conversion. Encourage personal reviews, of how your organization was able to solve a pain point. The difference in your organization from your industry standards.  How does your organization go above and beyond?

Contact Details

We have discussed the importance of your organization’s digital platform contact us page. Your organization’s digital platform contact us page should have the following information.  What is your business address? Make sure your organization checks your mail on a regular basis. What is your organization’s phone number? What is your organization’s email address? What are your organization’s hours of operation?

Social Media

Your organization’s digital platform should have links to all your organization’s social media platforms.  Your organization’s social media should have links to your organization’s digital platform.  We have had to correct this issue with several clients, no links back to your organization’s digital platform.  Social media is a great avenue for providing content, but your organization’s digital platform should be the hub to convert leads to conversions (sales).

Updated Blog

Your organization’s digital platform should have a blog. Not just a blog section, but an updated blog section. We recommend blogging at least twice a month, we also recommend that this should be an individual or individual’s responsibility.  Create a blog strategy and follow it to the tee.

Google Business Profile

Create a Google Business Profile.  This should be one of the first things that your organization does after establishing your digital platform.


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