How important is the “Contact Us” page?

When we are asked about the importance of the contact us page, we immediately respond with very important. The contact us page will not secure your following conversion or services.  But what the contact us page does is provide legitimacy to your organization. So where does the contact us page fall in terms of importance, it is the section that will provide the proof of your organization and could be the reason for a lead to want to conduct business with your organization.  We have advised many of our clients, that having a contact us page could be the meaning of a visitor coming to your organization or not.  Especially if your organization’s contact us page has inaccurate information. Update your contact us page, immediately.


Be concise. Provide text as to why someone, should be filling out a contact us form.  What is the reason? Do not allow the visitor to determine, who can fill out the form. Contact us for more information about our organization. Contact us to find out more about the services that we offer. Schedule a time for our organization to reach out to you to provide more information about the services that we offer. Remember, your digital platform should be steering visitors into new customers or conversions.


Build trust. Provide an address. If your organization does not have a business address, then add a post office box.  We recommend that your organization secure a UPS address, this would be an address with a street name instead of a post office box. Add links to any frequently asked questions (FAQ), privacy policy, and any other relevant sources. If your organization has a limited social media platform, then add your social proof on your contact us page.


Provide methods of how your visitors can contact your organization. List your organization’s phone number, office hours, email, and address. Provide is the best form of communication, preferably by phone.  This is the area where your organization can discourage snell mail but list your business address. Make sure if your organization has a form on the contact page, that your organization has some spam protector on your forms. Nothing like getting a bot, which provides hundreds of daily responses to spam. We would recommend the Antispam plugin as a spam protector.


We feel like besides the home page, and sales or service page, the contact us page is next in line as far as importance. Your organization’s digital platform should be very mindful of your contact us page. If your organization is needing assistance with your digital platform, then we are available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489. Image courtesy of  Nick Morrison.


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