Some reasons why your website is not ranking well in search engines?

When we are looking at a re-design project, one of the first things that we look at is how well the digital platform ranks in all search engines.  Does your organization’s digital platform gain any traffic? Does your organization’s digital platform have an organic (free) and premium (paid) policy to gain traffic to the digital platform? Who is reviewing the data, and how often do they view the data? Let’s discuss some reasons why your organization’s digital platform is not ranking well in most search engines.


Your organization’s digital platform has weak content.  Weak or bad content in terms of uninformative material. Content that makes sense to only a few, content created in a non-passive manner, or lacking storytelling format.  Grammatically incorrect content. While some errors are not a horrible thing, a blog post with several grammatic errors is enough to make most visitors leave your organization’s digital platform. Your organization’s digital platform blog posts should be over 400 words and less than 2,000 words. In other words, do not have a poem and stay away from a novel. Your organization’s digital platform should have fresh content.  Write about what are your target audience’s pain points.


Make sure your permalinks are not changed.  Check for broken links.  Fix broken links. This is an easy way to get a poor-ranking website. Check for broken links at least monthly, or sooner.


Your organization’s digital platform should be mobile-responsive. We mentioned previously why mobile responsiveness is very important. Remember the majority of visitors are going to be viewing your organization’s digital platform on a cell phone or tablet.  Your organization’s digital platform should be showcasing the same message. According to, mobile phones account for over 60% of your potential visitors.

Search Engines

Have your organization registered your digital platform to all the major search engines?  Do not use the policy, that the search engine bots will find your organization’s digital platform. Take the time to register your organization’s digital platform, and follow up with an analytic tool.


Make sure that your organization’s digital platform has a keyword policy.  Do not stuff keywords. Stuffing keywords is the repeating of some popular keywords into your organization’s digital platform blog posts.  Repeating the same keywords on your About, service, product, contact, and home page.  Your organization’s digital platform will be penalized for this type of practice.  Use long tail keywords to gain some traction in the placement of your keywords.


These are just a few examples of some ways to increase your organization’s digital platform ranking on all search engines. While we would recommend an organic and premium policy, these are some organic tools.  If your organization needs some marketing assistance, then we are available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489. Image courtesy of Pramod Tiwari.


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