What is a SEM Marketing Strategy?

We use an SEM Marketing Strategy on all our new projects. Most clients are not familiar with SEM, and some do not know what SEM stands for. SEM is a search engine marketing strategy that should be paired with an organic search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy. Most clients will ask, what are the differences? SEM typically involves paid-for clicks, and SEO is totally free or at a limited cost. Organic SEO is improving visibility and ranking on search engine platforms, using social media, keywords, backlinks, and other techniques.  We measure the effectiveness by viewing SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

SEM Marketing uses pay-per-click advertisement to grow visibility to your organization’s digital platform or a specific webpage (typically a landing page). This advertisement could use platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and/or TikTok Ads. Your organization will need to do the following if it is going to create an SEM Marketing Strategy.


We recommend setting up some best practices.  Your organization should set up both SEO and SEM Marketing strategies and allow them to run concurrently. Your organization is going to have to establish a budget. How much is your organization going to spend on a monthly or yearly basis? Next, your organization is going to have to focus your ads on your target audience.  Your organization is going to need to know your target audience, we previously had an article on how to define your target audience.  Then, your organization is going to have to set up goals. What is your organization’s expected return on investment (ROI)?  How is your organization measuring results, this could also include another premium solution. Lastly, your organization is going to have to set a timeline.  When is the marketing strategy going to be over, and what is the results of the strategy?


We target the same keywords, whether using SEM or SEO Marketing strategy.  Then we measure the results. Generally, the SEM will provide us with an early push in traffic, but the SEO will create sustainable traffic. Both are very important. The keywords will establish if we are spending money on what is important to your organization’s target audience. SEM can not work alone, it takes organic traffic to sustain the momentum. And it takes paid traffic to sometimes get the traffic initially.


Your organization has to track the traffic on a weekly basis and be able to pivot and move in another direction quickly.  This is not a process for slow making decisions. Money is involved, and quick decisions are needed. Look at where the traffic is coming from, how it got there, and is behaving as your organization needs it to …We can help your organization with an SEO and SEM Marketing plan, your organization can contact us by clicking here.  Image is courtesy of YaYimages

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