Rudeness is a quality of a bad client!!!

Something must be in the air.  Rudeness is never okay.  In the past several weeks, clients (and sometimes not clients) have displayed some really bad behavior.  A few days ago as i was enjoying a fresh cup of coffee at one of my favorite watering holes, I witness a door being slammed on an elderly lady.  No one got up to assist the elderly woman (except your’s truly) and as I help her up, she was apologizing for being an inconvenience to me.  What you are a treasure to me?  After helping her to a chair, I order her some coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  Refusing to take any money from her…we sat and just talked.  She was an artist for over forty (40+) years.  Not world renown…but still it was great to chat with someone, who existed by creating her passions and not just worked a job for years.  After a couple of hours, I walked her to her car…thanked her for the company and we exchanged business cards.  She asked to take me out the next time…of course, I refused!!!

As she drove off, my mind turned back to the young man (who was in such a huge hurry…that he did not hold the door for the elderly lady) responsible for the door slamming into my new friend. Why is our world so rude?  My mind wonder to this past weekend, I was an organizer for a web design conferences.  A volunteer organizer.

This conference was offering complimentary T-Shirts for all attendees.  Some of the shirts were not the right size (they were small).  As a organizer team, we decided to exchange T-Shirts on the last day of the conference to attendees.  Well as faith would have it, I had to experience a “Rude” attendee.  The attendee was concerned about the size of the conference’s shirt. After providing the exchange policy, I was greeted with rage and anger.  First of all, I was a volunteer.  Secondly, it is a T-Shirt. Lastly, no one should be subjected to your rudeness.  After a few minutes, I searched for one of the lead organizers.  I explained the situation.  And much to my surprise, the rude attendee was removed from the conference.  There is no room for rudeness.

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Image courtesy of Jens Kreuter.

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