Redesigning My Office

As I am getting ready for Spring Cleaning, I notice my office is a mess!!!  I have two desk. One, of my desk, houses my desk top computer.  The other desk is home to my lab top computer, and where most of my work takes place. I have a couch, actually it is a fold out bed.  I have a television, sometimes ESPN can provide me with motivation…sometimes it can not! I have a couple of book cases.  I have about four or five years of web design magazines.  I have twenty plus web design books.  I have a printer.  I have a microphone.  I have a couple of camera.

As I look around, everything looks so out of place.  I went to IKEA.  I really did not like any of the office set ups.  I went to Office Max, Office Depot and Target and was truly disappointed.  I have been google office space and work environment set up. I am going to visit a couple of designer’s to check out their home offices.  I am really struggling with how to change my office space. I might call an office organizer to get some suggestions.

I have been in business for the past ten (10) years.  My office has not changed since 2007. I have the same desks.  I have my original lab top, even though, I use a newer lab top.  My original lab top still has my adobe programs, so any photoshop or illustrator work is done on my original Dell lab top.  I still have my printer and scanner.  I do not print or scan, as much as, I did in the late 2000’s.

So what is my excuse for my home office?  I am only in my home office, maybe two days a week.  I have a share office.  I like to work at my local watering hole (coffee shop).  I like to visit my local library and get some work done. I enjoy working at my local Barnes and Nobles.  I like to hear background noises as I complete most of my design work.  Sometimes ESPN, Food Network, HGTV, and local news is not enough for me to stay focus.

So it is time to re design my office!!!  I am going to take my time.  Maybe paint, purchase a couple new desk, few more bookcases…or maybe break down and hire an expert to help me!

Image courtesy of Green Chameleon.

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