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Recently, I was at my favorite watering hole (coffee shop) enjoying a nice beverage and breakfast sandwich.  My cell phone ranged and it was a contact from a project, which was launched.  He had his boss on the phone.  They wanted me to stop sending them client reports, because they did not want my support.  Assuring them, that the reports were apart of my design process and more of a courtesy report…my contact advised me that the report provide no value.

Silence…I waited to explained that this was a courtesy report, but could explain the value.  My contact waited…I began to offer an overview of the report.  Something which was explained in the contract and prior to launching of the site.

No value

My client report list five measurable areas.  Back up. Up Time. Analytics. Security. Performance.  The only thing with my report does not measure is content, which is immeasurable.

Back up is the process of creating a clone for your site.  Most hosting companies will provide back up, usually on the same server.  Which means if your site becomes infected with a virus, generally the server is infected and the back up is … well useless.  Our back ups are cloud based, not server based.  If something should happen to your site, then we have the ability to perform one click restoration.  Site is back up, like nothing ever happen.

Up Time is the process of measuring when your site is down. All hosting companies have down time.  In close to 20 years of design web sites and dealing with hosting companies, I have never seen 100% of up time.  Web hosting companies which offer Content Delivery Networks (CDN) tend to be up, more than ones, which do not offer CDN.  You need to know if your site is up, which is common sense.

Analytics is a report which provides the number of visitors to your site.  You can view, how they came to your site?  Was it from Google, another web site, or social media post.  You can see how long they are on your site, or a page inside of your sites.

Security is a checking system to see if any vulnerabilities or malware exist.  It is similar to preventive medicine.  You want your provider to find cancer (or any illness) in its early stages, and not in stage 4.  Well the security system is checking for any potential issues.

Performance is check on page load speed and overall speed of your site. Is your site slow?  Do you have large imagses?  Has CSS, Javascript, and HTML been minify.  Nothing like going to a site (and sitting for it to download)…unless you absolute need something from the site, most will exit.

I provided all these examples to my client…thanked him for business and advised him that the report will cease at the end of the month.  Now back to my beverage and breakfast.

Image courtesy of Ian dooley.

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