Plan, Plan, and Plan (so more)

Recently I was speaking at WordCamp Atlanta.  After my presentation, a young man was asking about branding.  We talked about google adsense, twitter and facebook ads.  He wanted to know  how to get the biggest bang for the buck.

What is your plan?

I quickly went into design mode (something that I do often, especially during work hours).  I asked him, so “What are you trying to accomplish?”.  I was greeted with silence.  “Are you trying to introduce your site to the Masses?” or   “Are you trying to focus on a product or service?”.  He answered , “All the above”.  I busted out in laughter!

Do you know about KLT Marketing?

I instructed him to work on his plan, prior to execution. I explained to him, my branding techniques.  And that he was looking at a minimal of three social media campaigns (and probably more like five). I explained my marketing tool of KLT (KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST).  He will need to have a campaign to get visitors a chance to get to know him.  He will need a campaign to get visitors to like him.  And finally, he will need a campaign to get visitors to trust him.

He asked me, “How long would this process take?”. I advised him sometimes over 120 days, if the process is done correctly.  This has nothing to do with sales.  It is about getting your brand in front of your preferred clients.

You might need to call me!

He wanted to know more about KLT Marketing.  I gave him my business card. I told him (that)  “I will be back in my office on Wednesday.  Let’s do lunch in the near future.”  I asked him to created a plan to  increase visitors and sales, by thinking about a Know and Like campaigns. I advise him, that “time is not as important as plan of action”.  You will need to have a plan.  What are you trying to accomplish?  And when you get numbers (some which you might not anticipate), then what?

When I am establishing a new relationship, I always use my design process.  Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch, Market and Support.  The bookend are the most important… Plan focus on audience, what the site is for…, and what are your (clients) goals and objectives.  Many of my re-design projects are a result of not asking or answering some basic Plan questions.


Image courtesy of Cristian Baron .

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