What a long and stressful week?  On Wednesday, I received an injection for my ailing back.  Being very unstable, most of my day was spent answering emails and planning my trip to Birmingham for WordCamp.  On Thursday, a nurse called to see how I was feeling.  Extremely sore and tight.  Another low energy day, did not attend my scheduled MeetUp and email my ride to WordCamp Birmingham.  Might not make WordCamp Birmingham.  On Friday, my back did not allow me to attend WordCamp Birmingham.  Bumming…time to make a pivot.  The perfect pivot.

Weekend was filled with rest and relaxation.  Enjoyed a little college football and several adult beverages.  Re-examined my business goals.  Reviewed several projects in my pipeline.  Non profit organization for musical directors to launch in November, Legal Nurse to launch later this month, Re-design food site to launch this month.  Time to pivot back to grind mode.

Monday (which was yesterday) had my week off to it’s usually hustle.  My day began at 8:00am.  I checked emails and phone messages.  Received over 25 emails/issues.  Got me a cup of coffee (my favorite watering drink) and knocked out some of the non urgent emails.  Add a image, change content, create a form, use this email, etc….it is around 9:30am, and time for my second cup of coffee.  I take a short break and ice my back for about 30 minutes.

Around 10:00am, receive a call from a re-design client.  Did not have the proper domain information?  Got that all square away and called Bluehost to re-direct to new hosting.  A few changes needed to be made on the re-design.  Might be an end of the week launch.  New startup with a lot of potential.

Uploaded a sermon, bulletin, and several facebook messages. Reviewed my ManageWP account.  Sent out an Search Engine Report for my standing 2:00pm Monday Meeting.  Numbers appear to be the same as last week, which is a great thing.  Looking forward to my conversation.  It is around noon…time for lunch.  Eat at my desk and work through some more emails. New client sent me an email issue with form.  I will reach out to him by end of day.

Ice my back again and took a short nap.  It is around 1:15pm.  After my nap, felt like a shower (had one last night…but anything to lessen the pressure on my back, I am with at this time).  Took a shower and called my 2:00pm standing meeting.  Had an awesome meeting.  Check the numbers.  Need to work on a few things, will knock them out this week.

It is a little after 3:00pm, off to run an errand.  Back in the office by 3:30pm, received a call about a template design.  Client had decided with template and forward content.  Send contract and invoice.  Set up hosting and will populate demo, once the contract is executed.  Called a good friend, and graphic designer.  I own him lunch for a favor a few months ago.  Had a great 30 minute conversation.  Set up date for next week.  He wanted to discuss his site and potential redesign.  Walked into another project.

It is 4:45pm, forgot to call my new client.  I reached out to him and talked shop.  He had a small form issue, advised that I would review and fix the issue.  When he asked about the cost, advised it would be complimentary.  This is a support client and potential big client.  It is 5:30pm.  My back is sore and I am tired.  Iced my back and took my second nap.

Life of a web designer!!!

If you are looking for a web designer or branding manager, then I am available.  I can be reached at 678-718-5489 or info@jdswebdesign.biz.

Image courtesy of rawpixel.com.

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