PAY ME !!!

Mentoring a couple of free lance web designer, the conversation of how do you secure payments from some (not all) clients always comes up.  Loving it when I hear the following conversation.  “Can you pay me by Friday”, the free lance asks his client. The project is completed, and have another one (project) starting on Monday.  The final revisions are completed.  The client responses,   “I will pay you in a couple of weeks.”  Which causes the free lance web designer to go into a panic state of mind.

This is not a hobby.

Reminding the free lance that this is not a hobby, but is your job.  JDS WebDesign, LLC has been my employer for over a decade. We all  struggles with client’s, who do not want to pay for our services and time.  Working extremely hard to create their vision, seems to fall by the waste side when it comes to forwarding a payment.  While we are very thankful for the many opportunities and experiences with client’s, who pay on time.  It is the never ending stories of a client, who wants to hold a free lance designer hostage for a couple of out of scope features prior to making the last payment.  Having heard about clients talking about vacations and luxury purchases, but when it is time to pay for their web site design or support. Crickets!!!

You will need to remind yourself that this is not my hobby.  It is my full time job.  If you do not pay me, then I can not pay my mortgage, car note, insurance, electricity, gas, water, sewer, food, and business expenses. In other words, I will become home and job less.  PAY ME!!!

One of the main reasons, why some client’s do not pay us.  They do not value our time, talent and experience.

The church secretary nephew is a web designer

If web design is so easy, that you could hire the church secretary’s nephew.  Who is a techie type of guy, because he sleeps in the basement and plays on the computer all day and night (not that there is anything wrong with that).  The problem is web design is like all professions.  Technology is constantly changing, we are learning everyday.  Reviewing projects which were created six months ago, and you will discover about five or six changes to make the site more engaging.  WordPress is changing on a daily basis.  Client’s pain points and possible solutions are created daily.

If you allow a client to devalue your work, then you will receive delay or no payment.  You have to know your value.  PAY ME!!!

Make sure you discuss pain point solutions and not the shiny objects.

I really did not like your work

I really did not like your work, however we were so long in the process.  I was hoping it got better.  Make sure your contract has cancellation and termination section.  Provide specific guidelines and ways for you or your client to term or cancel the project.  Set up payment responsibility, and who owns the files.  Do not require any statement?  Maybe it was not a good fit.  So did you can eliminate the “I did not like your work”  conclusion before the final invoice, or has that been on your mind for the past six weeks.  Typically this will be the first time you and your client have mentioned any issues with the project and their dismay.

Last year, I had a client.  He owned an insurance agency.  He wanted a five page website.  He wanted home, about us, services, location (map), and contact us page.  In the middle of the project, he took ill.  He gave his office manager, the power to finish the project.  She totally did not like the project and we ended up redesign the site.  After many revisions, the project was ready for launched.  The final invoice was submitted. One week, two weeks, three weeks…no payment.  I called and left numerous messages.

Finally, the client called.  He was very unhappy.  “What happen to the original design?”  Your office manager would not sign off, and wanted me to redesign the site.  “Did you make these horrible changes?”.  The office manager answered “No sir…I think he went rogue and created it himself”.  I was heated!!!  However, no change of scope was presented.  I redesign the site back to the original state and forward a final invoice.

Image courtesy of Ante Lusina


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