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So what is all the fuss about niche vs. all inclusive.  While we are a niche designer, many agencies still practice all inclusive business model.  These agency will create any and all web site and services for the “right” price. While we do not see anything wrong with this approach, it has been in our best interest to create a niche business.

So what is our niche?

Our niche is brand marketing.  Brand developing has taken on many different definitions in the past several years.  There are many “Branding Experts”.  Many developers consider themselves branders. It really is confusing on many levels.  Our definition of branding is to “consciously direct a certain audience to your web site for a specific reason”.  While we could bring 10,000 visitors to your site every month, we would prefer (and hopefully you agree) to bring 1,000 visitors looking for your services or products to your site every month.  This is a very important difference from my branding and brand development of others agencies (Brand Expert).  This is one of the reason why we spend so much time research your target audience and visitors…we want to make sure your site connects with their pain points.  And unfortunately, we all have pain points with regards to many areas of live and business.

Branding is not a one way street!

“Consciously directing a certain audience to your web site for a specific reason”, is a mouthful of words.  What does that mean in layman terms.  Branding is not a one way street.  Branding involves you (the client).  The client should know their customers/clients.  Their customers/clients is the audience which your branding expert should be directing to their web site.  You should not be directing people, who live in Miami, to a web site for ski equipment.  That is not your customers/clients.  Sounds simple…but you will be surprise.   We spend a lot of time making sure to target the correct audience and drive your correct target audience to your site on a regular basis.

Do you know your clients? What does your clients look like?  Where are your clients are located?  Do your clients know you?  These questions are the basis of Know, Like, and Trust Marketing (KLT). You need to be introduced to your prospective clients (Know). After the introduction, you need to illustrate your services and/or products to your future customers (Like). Finally, you need to showcase your expertise to your future customer (Trust).

Is niche business only related to my clients.  Of course not, we have a niche business.  We are looking for web design projects, which understand the importance of long term relations.  These clients understand the importance of a well developed web site, but also realize that having a game plan to locate their target audience, and target that audience to come to their web site is very important.  We accomplish this objective for several clients on a daily basis.

How does our niche create clients?

Our clients really look different from my so called competitors.  While our clients are small to mid size business, some are faith based organization and others are non profit business and then we have a few influential individuals.  These clients have a established products and services (and this has nothing to do with time in business, but expertise in their industry) and the need for their product or service to be in front of their target audience.  We use the KLT Marketing process as a backbone of our niche. By making sure to introduce (know) our client to their target audience, letting their target audience like them and making sure that their target audience trust them.  We are just establishing a return on investment (ROI) to our cleints, by introducing their target audience to them on a frequent basis and making sure that their target audience pain points are solved.  This niche business is our way to create our brand development.

In conclusion

Could you use more conversion?  Of course you could…have you tried to work with a niche designer.  Today might be the day to reach out to one to take your business to the next level.


Image Courtesy of Stanley Dai.

JDS WebDesign is a Web Design and Brand Marketing Agency located in Marietta, Georgia.  We create AWESOME on line presence for Start-ups and Influential People/Organizations.  To learn more about us or how we can help you and your organization, you can contact us.

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