A few months ago, I was having lunch with a couple of friends.  We had just finish attending a WordPress MeetUp. We found ourselves discussing the topic of life of a free lance designer/developer and agency owner.

Pro’s of free lance

It is great being in the creative field as free lance web designer and agency owner, I determine my work schedule.  I can decide to take on new clients, or not.  I can attend meetings, regarding how to grow my business. I can determine my salary and hire who I want to. I can work from anywhere ( as long as it has internet and your lab top ) or I can work in my office.  It must be nice to be a free lance web designer and agency owner.

Interestingly, while all the facts above are true.  The lifestyle of a free lance designer is a little more complex.  I have to deal with finding clients, client deadlines, securing funds, working with other developers or designers, staying on top of all my revenue streams (web design, support company, brand development [for clients], WordCamp Organizer, podcast [which is coming real soon], and my brand, and finding balance [work, family, faith, and health] ).

Con’s of free lance

The lifestyle of a free lance web designer can be lonely.  I do not get a chance to conversant with colleagues, unless I am attending a Meetup or Mastermind.  I do not call clients, unless I need something or to answer a questions, or concern of my client.  If I am not working on a project, then funds can become a issue. Actually I have a support company, which has created my  recurring funds.  I am always trying to develop a more visible brand for clients, who want more exposure or revenue.  I am always working to improve my brand.  I am always reading about success.  I do believe in positive reinforcements. I am on social media platforms, way too much!!!  Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin has improved my brand by leaps and bounds.

A quick look into my day

A quick glance at my calendar, I have to finish a project.  I have a three Meetups this week.  I am having lunch with a colleague, who has open a new location.  I am going to purchase some pod-casting equipment.  I am looking forward to pod-casting more.  I have to work on a new branding campaign for my child theme.  I am going to create a new KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) Campaign for a new client.

I guess the lifestyle of a free lance web designer and agency owner is nice.


Image courtesy of Markus Spiske.

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