Looking for the right opportunities

As the holidays near, I am like most freelancer.  Work really had been put on the back burners. Looking at how I exceeded or did not exceeded my goals.  Trying to find out news ways to grow my business, while not trying to re-design the wheel.  In the coming couple of weeks, while my family is out looking for the perfect gifts…I am looking at ways to be more efficient and opportunities missed in 2019.

Right Opportunities

A few weeks ago, I discussed a conversation that I was blessed to have heard and been apart of about creating a new era.  This conversation focused on working on my site, and how my site can drive the right opportunities for me.  I have been thinking long and hard about how to improve my site.  Even reaching out to several of my clients and asking for testimonials.  Looking at other freelance websites and how they are more interactive.

I am super excited to begin working on my site.  Finding time to spend on my site, really has not been as difficult as I first imagined. Growth is important.


Loving to look back at victories and defeats. In 2019, I had many accomplishments.  Receiving several contracts…having to swallow my pride and send out a couple of proposals.  For about three years, I decided to not send out any proposal.  In the past, you could tell my position on proposals.  Growth is important for success.

While I do not spend 3 or 4 hours crafting proposals.  I do find myself working on a couple of templates for potential opportunities.  Looking to grow my opportunities and finding the right clients are the basic of growth.


My right opportunities reside in my target audience.  While I am very consistent on saying that my target audience is faith based and non profit organizations.  I really do not advertise to them, nor do I make sure that I am around them.  In 2020, one thing in my goals is to be in front of faith based and non profit organization more often.  Looking to join my local chamber of commerce…YMCA.  Speak at some faith based and non profit organization focus groups to discuss how their on line presence can actually benefit them.

I am super excited about 2020 and what the future holds for me.

Image courtesy of Kornel Mahl.

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