New Era, I am working on JDS WebDesign

The other day, I mentioned to a couple of web designers about a conversation that I overheard at WordCamp US in which a fellow WordPress Designer was discussing the importance of working on your own site.  Surprising what the fellow designer had talked about, was all the objections that greeted me.  Who has the time?  My time needs to be spend on making money?  My site is a holding or landing page for my work.  My site is a place for clients to pay me or get in touch with me.  Shaking my head (in what they might have felt like was agreement), I just slip on my favorite beverage (cup of coffee) and smiled.

Change is hard

Nobody likes change.  Change is hard.  But change is necessary for growth.  When I thought about my conversation, and really I was ease dropping and later invited into the discussion.  The whole basis of the conversation, was your clients come from many different places.  However the general landing spot is your website and it needs to represents anything that can make them call, email, fill out a form, and reach out to you.

The days of just looking for referrals are over.  You will still get some clients from referrals, but so many other potential projects exist outside of your network and community. It is time to grow your community and what better way to introduce someone to you and your agency, then your website.

How and what should I do

Interestingly, you do not need to redesign your website.  At least I am not.  You will need to add some items, which somewhere down the road…we was advised these elements were not necessary.  You need to add case studies.  You will need to add testimonials.  You will need to add new projects to your portfolio.  You will need to add your podcast.  You will need to add any speaking engagements (new and old).

You will need to review how someone can get in contact with you. You will need to add some more specific Call to Actions.  You will put a little more time into you website.


It is very simple to grow your community.  To showcase your expertise and invite others to become clients.  I am going to put this in place for 2020 and see how it goes.  While I am not going to promise to showcase my results.  I feel the need to continue to work on my site and my development as a free lance.

Image courtesy of Roman Bintang.