Why Job Boards should not be your only source to find new clients?

While enjoying a fresh cup of coffee at my favorite watering hole, I notice a young lady with a 2018 WordCamp Atlanta T-Shirt on.  Having been an organizer, I immediately approached the young lady.  Asking her about her experience…she recognized me from my presentation…and as the gentlemen, who handed out T-Shirts. Life of a WordCamp organizer.

As we began discussing WordCamp, she asked me about my presentation “How to get your 2nd Client?”.  She mainly wanted to know about why I did not recommend using Job Boards.  Explaining there are two (2) main reasons, why I would not recommend job boards…valuation is difficult, and relationship do not exist.

Valuation is difficult

Valuation is very important.  How your client values the service, which you provide?  Do not look at yourself as a service provider.  Creating solutions to your client’s pain point.  Identifying a pain point, making recommendations to eliminate or minimize your client’s pain point, and finally following up and making sure your client is in a better position after you have created a solution is your responsibility.

Job board do not allow for valuation.  You ask a community to create a web site.  There is no mentioning about why you need the web site.  What are your pain points?  Is it to increase exposure…is it because your competitors have one…is it because someone told you so.  You create an opportunity and wait for responses.  You receive hundreds of responses. All look the same….how do you tell which is the best? You begin looking at portfolio after portfolio…someone can create your a web site for $1,000, while another designer can do it for $100.  Some can have it completed in a month, while others in a few days.  You find yourself shopping for the cheapest and quickest designer.

The problem with the lack of valuation, is you do not get to vet your designer options.  No one really get a chance to discuss your pain points.  You will get a web site.  But does your web site eliminate your pain points, probably not.  You are given a false sense of what a good web designer or agency is… And when you look to have your pain point discuss, then you are shocked at cost, or time…you have no clue as to what a good designer/agency can do for you.

Relationship do not exist

No relationship exist…when you are hiring based on price or time.  You are provided a couple of templates.  You are asked for content.  Then in a couple of days, you are presented with your web site.  The designer does not know if your pain point is lack of exposure…marketing issues… branding issues…lack of sales issues, etc. You have a web site.  In a few weeks, your pain points still exist.

After my presentation at WordCamp Atlanta, a young man asked me how much do I charge for a web site.  A million dollars was my answer.  After he gave me a sheepish grin, he restated the questions.  So how much would you charge me?  A million dollars.  I have to answer the question, as if you need everything including the kitchen sink.  This is what you are asking, when you place an opportunity on a job board.

For full disclosed reason, some folks are making a great living using job boards.  They do not want to deal with valuation and relationships.  I respect them.  My agency creates value.  My agency creates relationships.

If you are looking for a web design, and/or brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at info@jdswebdesign.biz or 678-718-5489.

Image courtesy of Brooke Lark.

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