Inspiration the Lifestyle of a Freelance Web Designer

Like many, sometime I need inspiration.  Being a web designer, sometimes I just fall into a funk.  Interestingly most of my funk time arrive right before the holidays.  I do not know why, might need to sit on someone couch for a session.

I tend to take off for the holidays.  I like to spend quality time with my family.  My kids do not attend school during the holiday season.  I like to go shopping with my wife (yes, I’m the guy checking out his phone as his significant other tries on way too many outfits).

I have really been in a funk the past couple of weeks.  I have lost  a couple of potential clients.  I am in the midst of working on a 3rd party project, which should have been finished months ago.  The client keeps making changes through my contact, and as I make the changes.  The client is still not happy. Communication issues are the root of the issues, however, I am not permitted to discuss the project with the client.  I terminated a brand development client, who desires could not be accomplished.  I need to update my site with all my accomplishment.

I was in a horrible funk

This is the first time that I had to deal with missing my oldest son, who is away for school.  The other day, he called me to talk about what he did for my birthday a couple years ago.  He gave me a couple of tickets to the University of Louisville verse Wake Forest University Football Game.  It was schedule for November 12, 2016.   I notice WordCamp Louisville was that weekend (it was a one day WordCamp).  A few weeks before the game, Louisville announce it would be a 7:00pm (night) game. I signed up for WordCamp Louisville. I was super excited about coming home (Louisville is my hometown), checking out my alumni (The University of Louisville), and going to WordCamp.

I walked into WordCamp Louisville and realize no one knew me!  However it was okay.  Asking a few WordCampers, so what is your name, I’m Daniel.  What do you do? Designer.  Developer. Both. I grew up in Louisville, but live in Atlanta Area.  Before I knew it…I was invited back.  Many asked about Atlanta WordCamp.  Lunch was like old times, and many new friendships developed.

I have been in the WordPress Community for about five plus years. I have been on the organizational team for WordCamp Atlant since 2016.  I was one of many WordCamp Atlanta 2015 Volunteer.  I was a jack of all trades, handing out T-Shirts, introducing speakers, giving directions to restrooms, lunch line, valet parking information, registration, and helping in the happiness bar (who would have thunk it).

Inspiration Message

At WordCamp Louisville , the speakers were really good, but what was even better…was the WordCamp Community.  I had several developers and designers to introduce themselves to me. We discuss issues with WordPress.  I offer solutions. I invited them to WordCamp Atlanta.  Some told me that “maybe they would drive down and check it out”.  As the conference was ending, I had to leave early to make it to the football game.

It was awesome hanging out with my sons and watching Louisville defeat Wake Forest.

As I drove my boys to our hotel room, I began thinking about my business. I have some GREAT clients. I have some GREAT friends. I have a GREAT family.  It is interesting when and where you find inspiration…the lifestyle of a web designer.  As I thought about those memories, my son greet me with “can not wait to see you.”  I am taking the family for a visit in a couple of weeks.  We all find happiness in many different area, so memories can help when we lack inspiration.

Image courtesy of Seth Schwiet.

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