Happiness beyond belief

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  I have seen a couple of friends sell or merger their business or products.  Super happy for them.  Made me think about my decision to continue to work as a free lance web designer and not start an agency or create a plugin.  While I am super happy for them and the path, that they took.  I am still beyond happy with my path for success.


As I have mentioned many times, the thought of owning an agency has (and does) cross my mind.  But the managing of people and my expectations verse someone else…is just not for me.  My friend, who merge (sounds like he sold his agency to a bigger company) his agency, sounds really happy about the agreement.  He started his agency around the same time, that I started working as a free lancer.  In the beginning, his agency was a two man operation.  It has grown to 10 + employees.  They are a pillar in the WordPress Community in Atlanta.

Many times, I have consulted about how to grow my business.  Where are some opportunities, which I have not been accessing.  Learning that every conversation is a potential opportunity, and if someone offers or ask me to speak about my free lance work or experiences is important.  Realizing that I must treat my business as a business…setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are important.  However, making sure to measure my success and failures are equally important. This is something that I have learn and put into effect from several conversations with my friend.

Super proud that he is looking for another opportunity. Looks like he is focusing on growing a support opportunity, so the entrepreneur bug is still present with him.


A couple years ago, while speaking at a WordCamp I met a product developer.  He was working on a form builder.  While having heard of the form, I had not tried it on any of my products.  During our lunch break, we talked about the features and I was generally excited to try the form out.

A few weeks later, I installed it on a couple of my demo sites.  Liking some of the features, I shot him an email.  Quickly he asked about any bugs or features that was not up to my standard.  I sent his another email about some clunky issues.  The next couple of weeks, I was greeted with another email and $25 Starbuck’s coupon.  The issues were resolved.

Awesome support !!!  While I am happy that my friend has sold his plugin to another developer.  I have inquired about the next adventure, and he is looking at helping the WordPress Community and looking to developer another plugin.

It is great to meet friends, who work hard and get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Image courtesy of Nik MacMillan. 

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