How to Manage Negative Feedback?

We are all humans, and if your organization is in business long enough, then you will have to deal with a customer’s negative feedback.  How does your organization manage negative feedback?  Your organization works really hard and has made some tremendous improvements.  Your organization’s mission and values are being followed, and yet your organization is subjected to some negative feedback. How does your organization respond to or handle the feedback? It is critical to deal with the negative feedback. Do not take the feedback personally, it is not an attack on you or your organization.  Most negative feedback is based on a process or procedure in your organization. What are a few ways to manage negative feedback?


Have someone else read the negative feedback.  Listen a couple of times to identify the real problem. Remember the feedback is not about you or your organization.  Most of the time, the feedback is centered around a process or procedure in your organization.  Processes and procedures can be changed.  Listen and identify what is the real problem or concern. Navigate through the bad or motioned-filled language and write down what is the real problem.


Respond to your customer and reiterate the real problem. Do not use this time to go back and forth, but asked the customer about what your organization feels is the real problem.  Make sure your response is done in a timely manner. Do not allow this to fester longer than 24 hours.  Typically, most negative feedback comes with a lot of emotions. Your customer could be dealing with other issues, and your organization just happens to be the trigger for your customer’s wrath.


Apologizing is not an omission of guilty.  Apologizing is the acknowledgment that your customer has a concern, and your organization values your customer.  Take notes and again listen to what your is your customer’s real problem.


Offer proactive solutions to correct your customer’s concerns. In some cases, no solution might be available. The problem might deal with how your organization is constructed.  If it is your policy to not offer something because of financial or legal reasons, then the solution will be centered around why your organization takes a particular position Your organization might need to place more content about your organization’s position and why your organization can not waive its position. Sometimes negative feedback is about a lack of understanding.


View your customer’s negative feedback as an opportunity to improve. Make sure your organization stays in front of the issue.  Communicate with your customers about the situation. Some customers might feel the same way about the negative feedback, but at least your organization’s position should be communicated. If the negative feedback concerns a procedure, then look at how to improve the procedure.  Can it be more efficient? Does it need to be as complex? Maybe allow some of your customers to digraph possible solutions.


Business is like most relationships, difficult but necessary. Communication is the key.  Do not allow your customer’s opinions to fall on silent ears.  Respond. Listen. Apologize. Offer solution. View Opportunity.

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