How to find your passion as a Free Lance Web Designer?

We are all human. Sometimes we just lose our passion as a free lance web designer.  This typically will occur after a bad experience.  Maybe we had a project with a bad client.  Or sometimes clients will decide to go in a different direction.  Nothing against you maybe the relationship has run its course.

What are some ways to keep your passion? or restore your passion as a free lance web designer?

Embracing Reality

If you are a free lance web designer, then business is going to be up and down.  Embrace the downtime and work on your short comings.  Maybe you are not the most organized person, check our some applications to assist you in this area.  Down time is a great opportunity to give back.  Go to a local MeetUp or Chamber of Commerce events, volunteer or look for a mentor.

Downtime does not mean that you are done.  Look at your sales funnel.  Look at your process.  Learn something new.  Take advantage of this time.

Finding yourself

Remember this is not personal.  Maybe this is a good time to find yourself.  Re-examine the type of client’s you are soliciting.  Maybe you need to look at your niche.  Check out social media and find the industry leaders.  Reach out to them to find how they keep their passion?

Take a mini vacation.  Go to a WordCamp in your area.  Look at how others stay busy.  Ask questions about how other free lance web designer stay busy.  Enjoy a pass hobby or establish a new one.  Grab a good book about your craft or something that interest you.

Routine is important

Make sure your routine is consistent.  Keep working your sales funnel.  Keep giving back in your community.  One of the things, which I try to do, is to begin projects on the 1st or 15th of each month.  Most of my projects take about 6 weeks.  So that means I can work two projects each month.  One will begin, or end on the 1st and the other will  begin or end on the 15th.  Keeps my mind sharp.

Do not overdo it.  Many free lance web designer are too concern with how many projects, that they work on.  Look to create good work.  Quality over quantity any day.

Image courtesy of Benjamin Child.

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