How do you use HARO to grow your Non-Profit Organization?

We love providing industry secrets to our readers.  HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is an organization that can put reporters working on a certain story, with industry leaders.  HARO has helped many non-profit organizations gain local, regional, and national interest.  This is a free platform, which only requires your organization to create an account. Once your organization has created a free account, then your organization will receive three emails, at 5:35 am, 12:35 pm, and 5:35 pm Monday –  Friday. Look for a reporter, who is interested in something that your organization can provide insight and knowledge. How can you make sure HARO is working best for your non-profit organization?


Respond to any reply, to which your organization can add value, in a timely manner. Make sure your organization researches the report and news outlet.  If the reporter and/or news outlet does not meet your organization’s mission and values, then we would not recommend sending a reply.


Choose wisely and be thorough in your research.  While it is important to respond in a timely manner, it is just as important to make sure your organization is partnering with a reporter and news outlet that can add value to both organizations.


Customize your email and add a personal touch.  If the reporter submits their name, then your response should include their name.  If your organization has done some research on the reporter and news outlet, then include something that will make the reporter feel special. A personal touch will also provide the backdrop that your organization is serious and professional.


Your organization is just a part of the story, make sure your responses are brief.  Your organization is trying to reach more individuals, who read the reporter’s story.  Growing your reach is the goal of this type of marketing.


Your organization’s email should be easy to read and understand. Stay away from industry terms, and write your emails as if your organization was making a presentation to fifth (5th) graders or 11-year-old kids. A reporter does not like having to explain words or sentences to their reader, so make sure your organization has a brief and understandable email response.


We have discussed ways to keep storytelling concise.  Make sure your email includes a personal story. Reporters know that a story could be the hook, which keeps readers engaged.  Add a personal story, which conveys some emotion and will provide more evidence about the reason why your non-profit organization is relevant and important.


Generally, we recommend sending follow-up emails on most of our marketing strategies.  This is a huge, do not do.  Do not send out email follow-ups. However, do check to see if your organization is included in the post. Comment on the story, and this is where your organization can make a bigger impression.  Readers do read the comments, especially ones that establish your organization’s expertise and authority.


We have just offered a small marketing tool to grow your non-profit organization. If your organization does decide to use HARO, then your organization will need to have one person monitor your emails.  This marketing strategy is not intended to add more responsibilities for a volunteer. That does not work, we have had many of our clients try it and it was a disaster.

If your organization needs some assistance with its marketing, then we are available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489. Image courtesy of Humphrey Muleba.





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