Grinding is a lifestyle

When we are asked…so what is the most important element of “building our brand”?  The answer is…you have to be willing to GRIND.  Grinding is making sure your brand is in front of your target audiences, and your competitors.  Most wonder why your competitors, again the answer is simple…you want them to know you are grinding and out working them.

How do you put your brand in front of your clients?

First of all, you will need to know your target audience.  Who is your client and what are their pain points.  How can you help them to ease the pain associated with those pain points.  What products and/or services do your target audience need? How can you make sure your target audience understands the benefits of your products and/or services.  And you guessed it we are taking about marketing plan.  What is your marketing plan?

If you have been reading our blog post, then you know that we use the KLT Marketing method. We get prospective clients to KNOW your brand.  We get prospective clients to LIKE your brand. And finally, we get prospective clients to TRUST your brand. This is not a one time marketing campaign. It is three campaigns roll into one.  Getting your target audience to know your brand, is to introduce your brand to them.  The introduction could be a simple case study to showcase, how you can solve your target audience pain points.  Secondly, we work on getting your target audience to like your brand.  Offer them something free.  Free e-book, which will offer some solutions to a pain point.  Do a short 2 – 3 minute video on how to accomplish a resolution to a pain point?  None of these free gifts are provided without something in return from your target audience, typically we will request an email.  Lastly, approach your target audience with the services that you provided.  By this time, you have establish yourself as an expert, so why would not your target audience select your service and/or product.

Is marketing campaign your only options?

Is a know, like, and trust campaign my only options?  No!!! And it should not be.  You have to continue to place your brand in front of your target audience.  This can be done with search engine optimization plan.  You could make sure that your website is loading within 3 seconds.  Your website should be responsible.  However, you will need to make sure that you understand, who is your target audience?

After you define your prospective clients, then we would recommend using social media techniques to create a campaign.  The campaign is to introduce your brand to prospective clients, in exchange for contact information…usually email address. Next we will email your prospective clients an free or discount product/service.  Videos and free electronic books work really well for this step.  We are getting prospective clients to like your brand.  Finally, we offer prospective clients the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of your brand’s products/services.  The prospective clients will be the first one to find out about new products/services. The goal is to get the prospective clients loyal customers.

Sound like a lot of work!!!

Yes!!!  It can become a grind.  we grind that is what we enjoy.  Having developed many brands for several years, we use this process along with blogging, re targeting advertisement, search engine optimization tools, and social media platforms.

Image Courtesy of Patrick Tomasso.

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