“So what do you do for a living?”, my god son asked me.  I felt like saying “Construction”, one of my favorite scenes from the movie “Goodfella”.  (Can you tell that I just saw the movie?…hint the references in my previous blog Pay me) I told him, ” Grinding is what I do for a living”.  He smiled.  He is thirteen (13) years old.  I could have said, “Your God Father  is a web designer, brand marketing expert, and podcaster.”  Not wanting to explain my responsibilities and not my titles, but giving an example of a common element which exist everyday for me.  GRINDING.

What is a grinding?

Do you know what grinding is?…but let me describe a typical day, which should help you understand GRINDING.  Up around 6:00am everyday, to begin my day.  Morning prayer and daily mediation and a moment of reflection.  Checking emails and waking up my kids as they begin their day at school.  Breakfast with my kids and some early conversations about what happened the following day…and quick reminders of their busy schedule.  Driving them to school, and another friendly reminder of their busy schedule.  Back to the home office, where I check emails and delinquent tasks.  Next I write down “what I need to accomplish for the day?

Business and Personal…I try to stay balance.  Conversation with my wife, as she is getting ready for her day. Typically this is the time for my second cup of coffee, and making my wife’s favorite…tea.  Pulling up my calendar to check on any upcoming Meetup or Mastermind Meetings, I begin to script my day.

If I have not finish all support task emails, then I will work on them.  I will check out asana (a project manager task application tool),  and check on all my web design projects.  Typically, I  will work on about two – three projects a month.  I will complete any outstanding task.  Asana is design to give deadlines,  however, I prefer to clean out assignments before due dates.  After a few hours in Asana, I check my emails for any new items.  Around lunch time, I hit the gym.  I lift weights three days a week, and do cardio three days a week.  After my workout, I usually will get me some lunch. A quick nap is always on my agenda, so usually a power nap (about 30 minutes ). I head back into my office. I will spend about an hour or two working on my brand marketing projects (including for my site). Then I will pick up my kids from school.  I will assist with any homework issues.  I have a couple of active kids, so baseball, basketball, and swimming activities tend to be on my schedule in the afternoon.  I usually will take my lab top, and check on email request.

Grinding can be tiring!

Generally, making sure to reach out to my community.  Checking my slack channel and quick conversation with fellow web designer, content writers, guest bloggers, and search engine optimization expert is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and keep myself connected with the outside world.  Sometimes in the afternoon, I will drive to the store or go to the library.  Always trying to make sure my grind includes personal interactions.

My phone is always ringing.  I will answer it during my office hours.  I am always looking for new opportunity.  Everything is a potential opportunity or lead.  Business cards, smile and handshake are my favorite weapons of choice. Yes…I am grinding!  And loving every minute of it…and you thought web design agency owners, only drove to their office and directed employees.

My god’s son father, would later asked me why I said “Grinding”.  And what does that mean, my response was that he was correct.  My job is “construction”.  Constructing solutions to client’s pain points and making sure their target audience visit their websites on a daily basis.  GRINDING!

Image Courtesy of Daniel McCullough.

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