Goals for 2020

I am very transparent to the lifestyle of a freelance web designer.  It is not easy to maintain a business and create enough income for my family to survive on.  I have share my goals in the past, such as 2017 Goals, Missing my Goals and the reason for Goals.  I am a firm believer that we all need to have goals, and not only goals (but written goals).

Typically I did not like to share my goals with others, because most of the time they shot my goals down.  I have learned over time, that my goals are mine.  They are the path to my success and just because someone does not see my future success is not a problem.  The key is it is for my success and not theirs.

Many have asked why do I write down my goals.  Simple.  I want to keep up with my goals, next week, next month, six months from now, next year.  My goals change on a yearly basis.  Most of my goals are not hit, because I have abandon the project.  This really bothers me, so one of my goals for 2020 is to complete the mission. If it is set as a goal, then I am going to continue working on the goals for the next 12 months. Some of my goals for 2020…

WordCamps and MeetUps

WordCamp are MeetUps on steriods.  They are a one or two day conference in different cities for users of WordPress.  You can hear about plugins, themes, business strategies, and receive assistance for your WordPress site. I plan on attending at least 8 WordCamps in 2020.  If I can not speak, then I want to volunteer.  Giving back to the WordPress Community is very big for me in 2020.  WordPress has been an important ingredient for my success.

I plan on attending more MeetUps in 2020.  However, I am going to be a lot more selective.  In the past, I attend MeetUps of fellow friends and colleagues.  I did not get anything out of attending beside supporting my friends.  This was a waste of time for me.  I am not going to stop attending these type of MeetUps, but I am not going to be committed to attending.  If I am able, then I will.  I am looking for more MeetUps with my target audience, faith based and non profit organization movers and shakers.

Support and Podcast

I am committed to developing a better and more efficient support partner for my existing clients.  I know in the past, I have committed to my support partner.  And a few months in the year, I did not continue to work on this partnership.  I am focused to work on creating a better pipeline for my support partner.  If success drips into at a slow pace, then that is okay.  I need to continue working on this partnership, as it is passive income for my business.

I have started and stopped about three or four times my podcast.  I am committed to starting my podcast again in 2020.  I am not looking for my podcast to create a huge income for my company.  I am looking forward to developing relationships with potential clients.  I will focus on my lifestyle as a freelancer and how my target audience should grow their business.  I am super excited, and will make sure that this is a sustainable goal.


Goals should keep you with your eyes toward the target.  I am hoping my goals will help me to do this.  I have written down my goals and read them every morning and evening to make sure not to fall off the wagon this year.  Good luck with your goals in 2020.

Image courtesy of Ansgar Scheffold.



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