If you following my blog posts, then you know that I am very goal oriented.  In my profession, it is very easily to lose focus.  Momentum can be lost in a matter of minutes, with one bad decision.  Writing down daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals help me to stay grounded.  My goals for 2017 was to become more rounded…wanted to create a podcast (only one episode posted), read at least one book a month (did not put any guidelines…books could have been motivational, work related, business minded, and/or anything that I got my hands on…I read three books this past year), focus more on my support business (wanted to leverage my support income…to allow me to pick and chose the projects, that I wanted to do.  Did not write my manual “on why it is important to have a support parner?”), and lastly wanted to go to at least six WordCamp (made it to four…Atlanta, Asheville, Pittsburgh, and US).

Okay…most of you know that I hurt my back, for almost seven months I was in a lot of pain.  Finally had surgery on my back in November 2017.  And most know that I am not into excuses.  Many of my goals were not met!!! Bottom line…

Well what am I looking to accomplish in 2018…

Goal number #1…reading at least one book a month.  Really would like to do some book reviews on my blog page.  I love reading and find that my creativity is taken to another level, when I get out and grab a good book.  Again … no criteria !  Books on motivation, books on how to work more efficient, books on WordPress, books on anything that is interesting to me…). Looking forward to reading a good book in January…got to keep this momentum going.

Goal number #2…my podcast is going to get off the ground.  I have a sponsor (shamefully and still have not put out more content). I am going to begin posting podcast in January.  Trying to figure out what days…and if I am going to venture into youtube as well…I have given myself until January 1st to decide.  Really looking for more exposure for my projects, clients, and just a platform to tell some good old funny stories.

Goal number #3…get back to my roots, brand development.  Looking forward to offer brand development in 2018. Getting more exposure to your site….using social media, email captures, and content dripping (need to put these principles to work on my support packages).

Goal number #4…attending at least 6 WordCamps.  I want to visit the west coast…San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland are on my radar screen (not attending all…but would not mind going to one or two of them).  Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Birmingham, and Asheville are strong possibilities.   Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Cincinnati (all areas that I have either lived in…or spend a lot of time near) are on my radar screen.  And lastly…would love to go to WordCamp Europe (might be a stretch because of cost…but if not in 2018, maybe in 2019).

So what are my goals with regards to new clients (work) and growing my support…I am enjoying this journey.  I am sure that my ability to attach a couple of clients a month, will occur in 2018.  I will finish with 25 – 30 clients (new and re-design) in 2018.

If you are looking for a web design, or brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at info@jdswebdesign.biz or 678-718-5489.

Image courtesy of Ali Yahya.