What are the Four Elements of a Press Release?


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What is a press release?  Press Release is a summary of important news or event about your organization. And, Press Releases are important because they allow your organization to establish the narrative.  Press Releases are intended to reduce mistruths or bad information, which could lead to a negative effect on your organization.

The four elements of a Press Release include Headline, Attention Grabber, Quotes, and Boilerplate.


Use clear and informative headlines. The goal of the press release is to set the narrative.  The headliners should lead no guess as to what the press release is about.  Make sure that it is both clear and informative. Remember your press release allows you to reduce or eliminate any bad information or mistruths.

Attention Grabber

Press Releases have to get readers’ attention with the first paragraph.  Your press release must focus on who is the news about.  The press release must illustrate what is the news or event.  The press release should advise when the event or news is going to occur.  The press release should tell where the event or news is going to occur. And finally, the press release should illustrate why the reader should be interested.  Remember you are setting the narrative.


Quotes and testimonials are critical for press releases.  A well-placed quote from the leader of your organization is vital. A testimonial from a member of your community can be very rewarding.  Uses these elements to showcase your expertise and reach within your organization’s community.


What is a boilerplate? According to Wikipedia, “The term arose from the newspaper business. Columns and other pieces that were distributed by print syndicates were sent to subscribing newspapers in the form of prepared printing plates. Because of their resemblance to the metal plates used in the making of boilers, they became known as “boilerplates”, and their resulting text—”boilerplate text”. As the stories that were distributed by boilerplates were usually “fillers” rather than “serious” news, the term became synonymous with unoriginal, repeated text.”

In layman’s terms, it is a brochure type of writing that includes images and text.  The press release should have a piece of boilerplate information about your organization.  Typically this resides at the end of the press release.

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