How to find your groove?

We are all creatures of habit.  The smallest or biggest event change can have a significant effect on your daily routine.  While believing in daily, weekly, and monthly goals, life has a way of making goal and objective driven lifestyle a change to say the least.  I have had two such experiences over the past year.

Last year, a  close family member of mine had an extended stay at our local hospital.  This was truly unexpected.  While working part time on most of my work, this really hurt me from a business standpoint.  However, my doors are still open.  Trying to concentrate on growing my business, but worrying about the health of my family member became my greatest challenge.

A few weeks ago, my wife was involve in a serious car accident.  While she is okay, this again has challenge me from a structure point of view.  Finding myself having to take care of my wife and working has been a challenge.  Small things have become huge task…my focus has not been up to par.

So how do I find my groove again?

As I have mentioned in several of my past blog post, being a creature of habit has help. My schedule this week was as follows…

*Up by 7:00am – first cup of coffee, morning prayers and five minutes of reflection.  Review my emails for any emergencies or urgent issues.

*8:30am – Write down task for the week (on Monday) and daily (Monday – Friday)

*8:40am – Review Asana for upcoming task and events. Check calendar for any meeting or appointments.

*10:30am – Schedule meeting with potential clients (on Tuesday and Thursday)…or review some potential opportunities. Review a few plugins to see if they can work on a couple of client’s requests. Read a couple of blog posting…getting acquaintance with my love (WordPress) and all the changes.  Working on WordCamp Atlanta, as I am an organizer.

12:00pm – Lunch (or shall I say Nap Time). Letting the mood of the day drive this hour.  Typically I will eat a small meal and take a power nap.

1:00pm – Check emails…work on them.  Review a few client’s unfinished work.  Clean up a few loose ends…look for new work.

4:00pm – Review schedule for tomorrow…see if any important meeting are schedule.  Am  I prepared.  Review emails and knock out any non-emergency emails.  Work on any outstanding design work.

5:30pm – Log off and family time.  Friendly reminder to clean up any podcast broadcast and read at least one hour a day (book or blog post).

Guess getting back into my groove really means, working on my goals…

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