Finding my groove again, after not working for several months.  Recently a close family member of mine had an extended stay at our local hospital.  This was truly unexpected.  While working part time on most of my work, this really hurt me from a business standpoint.  However, my doors are still open.

So how do I find my groove again?

As I have mentioned in several of my past blog post, being a creature of habit has help. My schedule this week was as follows…

*Up by 8:00am – first cup of coffee, morning prayers and five minutes of reflection

*8:30am – Write down task for the week (on Monday) and daily (Monday – Friday)

*8:40am – Work on emails from the prior day – knock out all emergencies.  Review Asana for upcoming task and events. Check calendar for any meeting or appointments.

*10:30am – Schedule meeting with potential clients (on Tuesday and Thursday)…or review some potential opportunities. Review a few plugins to see if they can work on a couple of client’s requests. Read a couple of blog posting…getting acquaintance with my love (WordPress) and all the changes.  Was we just talking about Gutenberg, now GDRP.

12:00pm – Lunch (or shall I say Nap Time). I really need to hit the gym, but my bed was calling me each day.  Felt good to sleep while a podcast or sport radio was in the background.  On Tuesday, I treated myself to the best of Michael Frank’s (thanks to Alexa).

1:00pm – Check emails…work on them.  Review a few client’s unfinished work.  Clean up a few loose ends…the time off work has push back a Early May Launch until early part of June.  Working on making sure to go above and beyond client’s expectation.

4:00pm – Finish reading “Main Street Entrepreneur” by Michael Glause ( Monday – Wednesday) and began another one on Thursday “The New Rules of Work” by Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew.  I love to read.  Whether it is work related, business related or personal… reading helps me to stay balance.

5:00pm – Log off and family time.

Guess getting back into my groove really means, working on my goals…

If you are looking to re-design your web site, or need a brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at or 678-718-5489.

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