We all like to have a fast and better Monday, but mine on July 24th was far from that! Let take a look at a lifestyle of a web designer on Monday.

Early start

7:00am Started my day, with a cup of coffee and checking emails.  Several urgent emails, one of my client was have a site issue.  Went to ManageWP and went back to Friday, on back up and restore the site. Took me about five minutes, it appears to be a bad plugins.  Running some test, will advise my client in a couple of days. Emailed client that site was back up and running.  Had several other daily (but should be considered urgent request) email, and knocked them out.  Now time for my second cup of coffee.

8:45am Worked on a project.  Launch is set for August 1st. Updated a few pages, worked on a couple of customized modules. Prepared myself for a meeting later today, as launch is getting close.  Needed keywords and some images. Emailed client, and received images and content. Began plugging away at the project.  Not really satisfied, need a wow factor…hopefully it will hit me later.

Communication issues

11:45am Received an email from a former client.  Wanted to know why site was down, advised no payment was received. Claimed payment was sent a couple of months ago. Needed some verification or proof.  Contact Stripe and Paypal about May payments.  Both did not see any payments. No email confirmation.  Called client and was placed on hold for 30 minutes. Just hung up as need to clear out email task.

Late Lunch

Headed out for lunch with my daughter.  Forgot she had a doctor’s appointment.  Traffic was crazy.  Driving like a manic, but made it on time.  Forgot an important meeting at 1:30pm today.  Need to push meeting back about 10 minutes.  Email client and advised them about double appointment.

Important Meeting

Spoke to my client about 1:45pm. Went over all areas that need to be worked on. Really great meeting. Client had some concerns about hitting launch date, remember them about out relationship.  Feeling confident that we will hit the launch date. Will put in some overtime on this project.

Regular task

3:00pm Update sermon on Faith Based Organization client. Received bulletin and added some important upcoming events.  Will send client a new redesign template later this week, or maybe early next week.  It is time.

Loaded a couple of blog post for inspirational client.  Added quote of the week. Did some Search Engine Optimization work on the site.

Lastly uploaded bulletin for Faith Based Organization client.  Add a couple of events on facebook.

Contact developer to get status on Buddypress client.  Customization is needed. Got status and need to work on potential app. No nap, so I am very tired.  Logged off and began cooking dinner for kids. I will be back on this computer later…got a lot of unfinished projects.

If you need a web design or brand development, then I am available and can be reached at 678-718-5489 or info@jdswebdesign.biz

Image courtesy of Andrew Neel.

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