Why are Donor Email Subscribers Important?

If your organization is not using an email capture, then your organization is missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your database. We encourage all our clients to have an email capture to provide monthly or quarterly newsletters, storytime news about your organization, and updates on your organization. There are many resources on how to capture email.  We recommend services that allow your organization to own the data, but that is another blog post.

Once you have established an email capture on your website, then your organization should have categories or lists. Your organization should have a list of new donors, existing donors, board members, volunteers, and new subscribers. This will allow your messaging to be more specific to each group.  After your organization has established the different types of lists, then your organization needs to think about the type of emails and how to capitalize on the emails.  Remember on most email capture systems, once you set your categories or list and email sequence, then your organization should be done.  With the occasional updates to the information to provide.

During a donation campaign, we recommend the following email sequences. Welcome email, Save the Date email, Spread the Word email, Update email, Last Chance email, Thank you email, Appreciate your support email and Recap email.


The welcome email is very important. Your organization will discuss the campaign and its importance. Remember to use storytelling methods.  Your organization wants to appeal to your donor’s compassion. This email will be generated when the potential donor subscribes to your organization’s campaign.

Save the Date

After your organization has sent your welcome email, then your organization should send out a couple of save-the-date emails. This email should discuss the campaign, the amount raised and when is the last day to make a contribution. Remember to include how to share your organization’s campaign on social media and include your hashtags.

Spread the word

This should be a short email, with your social media information and hashtag for your organization campaign. This can be sent out several times during the campaign, or at least monthly.


Send update emails to your donor. Let your donors know, how much has been raised. Be sure to include a, as of today the amount raised is $xxx. Make sure your organization ‘thanks everyone” for their support.

Last Chance

Send your donor an email about the last chance to give date. Make sure your organization thanks everyone for the support and love.  Provide a short story about how your donors have assisted someone. Make it personal and touching.

Thank you

Thank all your donors, whether they have made a contribution or not. Make sure your organization sends personal emails to donors, who made a contribution.  Include in the contributor’s donor, a pdf invoice for tax reasons.

Appreciation & Recap

Email your organization donors with the final amount collected. Send out appreciation to everyone. Remember, some of your organization’s donors, might have shared your campaign on their social media platform, and this might have been the reason for huge donations.


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