Countdown to my Podcast

*We created this post five (5) years ago, and it quickly fizzled out.  We are again launching a podcast that will be about our Founder/CEO, Daniel Swain.  We are planning on launching our 1st episode on Monday, October 17, 2023.  We are planning on having two podcasts a week. We are planning on creating a blog post about our journey as podcasters and looking at possibly having some interviews later.  Especially if we can interview some of our clients, to discuss our process and how it has helped their organization. 

I am super excited about my podcast.  I am looking forward to publishing my first podcast later this week.  My podcast is going to chronic my life as a web designer, but more importantly, I am going to discuss my life as an entrepreneur.

I have been in business for nine (9) years. I have made so many mistakes.  I have been working on brand development for the past couple of years. I have met several great clients. I have seen my clients deal with the same issues.  Accounting, marketing, and sales issues extend from industry to industry…I have been working with return on investment (ROI) marketing budgets. I have had to ask clients about the sales pipeline, and even explain the sales tunnel process.

I have purchased a Blue Microphone Yeti. I have been doing some research and have a plan for my podcast. I plan on video or audio at least four a week. I will make sure one is posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (maybe Tuesday and Thursday…not sure which will be the fourth day).

I have some content for my first twenty video/audio postings. I am still researching about Youtube. I am not sure if I want to be on YouTube.  Maybe…I just need to make a final decision within the next couple of days.  My only issue with Youtube, is I do not want to be overloading my audience with bogus products. I do not mind speaking on services, that I use.  I do not want to be discussing plugins and themes. I do not want to be pigeonholed as just a web designer.  I am an entrepreneur.  I build websites. I support websites. I create brand development plans. I have a child theme for restaurant sites. I am a podcaster.

Super super excited…four days and counting to my 1st podcast on Morning Expresso Podcast.

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