Business is important

Business is important to everyone.  One of the things which is  always interesting to me,  is when someone fills out my introduction questionnaire.  They are seeking to make their organization more successful. They can not define, “What a more successful organization looks or feels like”.  They are wanting “their organization” to create more revenue, reach more individuals, establish more services.  Wanting to be able to spread their message and seeking to help with some worldly concerns, these potential clients are lost at how to accomplish these goals.  Very similarly, they are wanting to make a difference in society, have a donation solution in which individuals can donating money to their favorite cause, and they are the gatekeeper for this cause.  But when the questions of budget comes around, then they want only to spend hundreds (sometimes not even that).


Business is important to all parties.  No one can promise you returns in the tens of thousands…while you pay only a couple hundred dollars, and sometimes when you pay tens of thousands.  Moving my agency in a new directions, my goal is to education prospective client on how we are established these types of services.  Working primarily with Faith Based and Non Profit Organizations, has proven to be both educational and spiritual uplifting as well as creatively stimulating.

Believing relationships matter, several of my clients initial design cost  was not understood.  Needing to provide more information about the importance of a secured site, well crafted content, and search engine optimization.  These learning cases provide me an opportunity to create a long term relationship and provide some general information about what and how I work with their website.  Many prospective have paid others monthly services and relied on their expert recommendations to grow their brand, while no communication exist.  My process does not incorporate any one way communication, I assisted in the development of their brand and website.  


Last week, I was in a very difficult decision.  A client, who has been consistently late on monthly charges, was terminated by our agency.  While hosting services will be provided for another month, the lack of professional business manner was present.  Having to send 2nd and 3rd notices, offering to cut monthly services cost in half.  Showing actual cost of services related to charged cost, only to be subjected to harsh comments (or emails) about performance.

Looking at this as a learning experience. I reached out to the terminated client, to get their prospective.  Not seeing the value of my services, I realize that educating my clients on why I send out monthly reports, check on site vulnerabilities, search engine rankings, and performance monitoring.  Is very important, and I need to relay to my clients, why I do this in the early stages. 

In the past, I believing not all clients are my clients.  And sometimes eliminating bad clients, is just as good for my growth. I am not sure if this is unfortunately or maybe fortunately just a small dose of reality.  While we have to know our worth, we can not just preach that Business is business…

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