A sure sign of an bad client

A potential client reached out to me on social media and asked about re-design their web site.  They had a basic html web site, no bells or whistles.  I contact them and attempted to get a feel about the potential project.  They client was very generic in our discuss.  They kept saying a lot of buzz words with not specifics.  I want something banging.  I want something with a lot of energy [even though, they had little or no energy].

Can we sit down and discuss the project?  We are not in the same city, I advise it would have to be paid for by them.  Silence!  I began asking for specifics.  Who is your target audience?  What are you trying to accomplish with your on line presence?  What do you expect to get from your website?  More visitors. More sales.

Sure sign of a bad cleint

The prospective client inquiry about features and functionality, but did not want to answer the why questions. We want a Gallery? Blog Page? Unlimited Forms? E commerce Store?  We will update our site?  The conversation got really odd as the client responded with mostly one word response.  I began to think about a prior project, which I was engaged with for six months.  Jumping on a project, for all the wrong reasons.  I took on a project, with out vetting the client.  This prospective client knew what he wanted, but did not know why he wanted some features and functionality.  It took four weeks beyond target time to completed the project.  Since no goals were established, the project really did not meet the client’s needs.  Communications issues began to surface, as the we did not establish goals and objectives. A sure sign of a bad client.

Another sign of a bad client

About a year ago, I had a prospective contact me.  She wanted to establish a media based website.  It was going to be a facebook type of site.  It would allow small or limited budget actors, directors, makeup artist, etc. to connect with each others.  It would have a forum.  It would have different level memberships. She was leaning on a community, which she was a member of for over ten years.  She had some vendor capital.  The project was a five figure deal.  The problem was each time a payment was due.  One excuse after another.  She did not want to pay anything until all funding was secured.  I received several emails about one round or another of funding secured.  I was even asked to hold some Executive position, but when financial terms were mention.  Silences.  A sure sign of a bad client.

Finally another example of a bad client

Several months ago, I received an email asking if I accepted credit card payments.  I reply, “yes”.  Then I was sent another email from a marketing freelance.  He had a client, who need a web site.  He provide me with the client’s goals and objectives. I was provided a site,which his client liked. Then the marketing representative wanted to forward me $10,000 for my $5,000 design.  He would have me to forward him $5,000 after credit card payment cleared.  I spoke to my business mentor and bank representative.  Both advised me this was a fraud.  Sometimes you need confirmation!!! I advised the marketing representative to just forward me $5,000 and have the client to give him $5,000.  Silences.  A sure sign of a bad client.

I would hear later, that several web designers were taken by this fraud.  It appears that the credit cards are stolen. Once the payment is placed in your account, it will be reversed in a couple of weeks.  If you have sent out $5,000 to the marketing representative, then you are out $10,000.  A crushing blow to several designer. Silences.  A sure sign of a bad client.

Image Courtesy of Alejandro Escamilla

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