Creating Your Church Website

Over the next couple of weeks, we will discuss the stages of creating your church website.  Whether you are creating the site yourself, or reaching out to an agency.  These are some steps to make sure your design is a simple and pain free experience.

The stages will deal with pre or basic steps.  Next we will discuss some planning (not design) steps.  Then we will review design steps.  And finally we will discuss post launch steps.  While these steps could be used for any website, since we specialize in faith based organization, we will focus many on faith based organizations.

Last week we discuss design, and this week let discuss planning stage.

Post Launch

While most understand, that work is still needed after launch.  What does that work entail is where the confusion comes into play.

Having an analytic program in place to know how many visitors are coming to your site.  When are they coming to your site.  Where are they going on your site. How long are they staying on your site.  Where are they located at.  Are your call to action section working?

Are you updating your plugins and themes?  Are you keeping your php updated? These questions are assuming that your platform is WordPress. Do you have a security plan of action?  You will need to have security plugin or services.  You will need to back up your site, and not just with your hosting company.  Some hosting companies back up site on the same server, so if the server is compromised. Well then so is your back up.  You will need to back up your site on a cloud application.

Do you have a up time monitor?  No hosting company or platform is up 100%.  But most should be in the high 90%.  A content delivery network (CDN) is important.  This will make sure your site is running fast. Performance check is needed. Make sure all the features and functionality is working properly.

If you are in need of a faith based organization web site, then we are available.

Image courtesy of Shaun Frankland.

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