2019 Strategies for success

A few weeks ago, I was at my favorite watering hole (coffee shop) talking shop with a fellow web design agency owner.  She was discuss, how a lot of work was dropping into her agency lap.  It was not web design projects or social media (which was her agency’s main focus).  Search engine optimization (SEO) projects was the favorite of the month for her, most of the SEO projects created long termed money.

Beginning to think about shifting my business model, and how that would look.  A few minutes and drinks later…that is okay.  Feeling like my few business opportunities is good for me and my agency.  Not trying to create new strategies for success.  So what are my business strategies for 2019?  Continue to create web design projects for startups, mid size companies, non profits and influential personalities and work on several client’s brand development, and finally continue to podcast.

So how do you stay focus on your strategies?

Having a game plan, and not deviating from it.  Using five elements is how to focus on your strategy.  Define your goals.  Identify your target audience. Focus on your platforms.  Go beyond blogging.  Share your content with others.

Define Goals

Knowing your goals and objective is critical to your success.   What is your mission?  What are you trying to accomplish?  How are you going to get to your mission?  Do you need more than one hand in the pile?  Identifying all the elements to make your agency a success is critical.  Developing or working in a community of your peers.  Bouncing ideals off of your community.  Writing down goals and charting how you are working toward accomplishing your goals.

Identify Target Audience

Target audience are not just for your clients. Establishing your target audience.  Who do you want to create for?  Rely on past experience…projects that really made you proud.  Clients, who you would like to work for again and again.  Do not focus solely on financial…but on what really made you happy.  Then create sales funnel for those type of clients.  Establish goals and objectives.  Do not be afraid to display your design process and pricing structures.  Remember your target audience, sometime is not ready for your expertise.  Give them time…they will be back.

Focus on Platforms

Get more involved on social media. Facebook.  Twitter. Pintrest. Linkedin.  Google +. Instragram.  You have many options.  Find out which one, your target audience is on.  Become a beacon and post content daily, weekly, monthly…all the time.  Something that I need to improve on…

Go beyond Blogging

Blogging should not be your only means of sharing your expertise.  Create a pod cast. Speak at your local chamber of commerce. Talk at your local WordCamp. Guest write on other blogs. Create a youtube page. Your strategy should consist of more than just blogging.


Interestingly most creative folks are introverts. It is very difficult for us to share our content.  However, we must share our content. Allow others to share your expertise to grow your reach.  Goals should be in place about how many times you share your content to others…watch as your content and your expertise grows.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a specialist, such as myself…or not (as my friend), it does not matter.  What does is have a strategy on how you are going to grow your business.

Image courtesy of Christin Hume.

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